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Trang Wilber

You’re On Mute: Tech and Security for Voice and Carrier Solutions

In today’s working world, a steady internet connection is imperative. It’s also vital to have a phone system that does more than just make phone calls.

Two types of services can increase productivity: carrier services and voice services. Carrier services connect your business to the internet while phone services connect your people to your customers and potential clients. Choosing a tech provider that bundles both of these services (like Applied Innovation) can help your company reduce costs, increase productivity and scale quickly to allow for efficient growth.

It’s time for phones to level up

No matter your industry, you know that fast, reliable voice service increases productivity across every role and department. A perk of using carrier services through a trusted company is that your phone services can be operated in the cloud, allowing your business to make and accept calls over the internet. That means no matter if your employees’ phone calls are made or received in the office or remotely, your team can also video conference and text from a mobile app.

Another perk of these services is that they work just like a traditional analog line, so there’s no additional wiring or hardware, which means seamless integration with your team’s existing system. And since the service is based in the cloud, since all of this is cloud-based, Applied keeps an archive of calls sent and received for tracking and review purposes.

The right internet makes all the difference

All Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems require a reliable internet carrier, and it can be stressful searching for the carrier to fit your company’s and employees’ unique needs. Often, if you work with a company that offers carrier services, they will act as your partner to choose an internet provider with the capabilities and speed to support your business — no matter where the location of your facilities or size of your business.

With a fast internet connection and voice services hosted online, adding new team members to a VoIP system is a snap. When your business scales, all that’s necessary to add a new phone number is setting up a line on the new employee’s online account dashboard, which is as quick and straightforward as a few clicks. There’s no hardware installation required.

Local support system gives your team the edge

In an era where phones aren’t just phones—they are also tools that allow you to make notes, and find and share information—effective customer service can support your company’s growth by helping you avoid missing or dropping calls, and increasing response times.

Unlike other nationwide companies that keep you on hold for hours only to finally connect you with a customer service rep halfway across the world, your local carrier services provider often employs local, knowledgeable staff familiar with your business and account. That simple factor ensures you work with the same people every time, making troubleshooting efficient and stress-free.

Putting it all together

By opting for a comprehensive solution that combines voice services and carrier connectivity, you open the door to a world of convenience, efficiency and reliability. Choosing a carrier service company means you no longer need to juggle multiple contracts or wonder if you’re getting the best value for your money. Instead, you have a one-stop-shop that not only provides you with exceptional voice services but also ensures you’re connected to the most robust, high-speed internet available in your area.

Perhaps most importantly, partnering with a reliable, local customer care team can make all the difference. These professionals are not just there to address technical issues; they have your best interests in mind. They understand the unique needs of your business and are committed to ensuring you have the support you need to succeed.

Working with Applied will maximize your company’s performance by helping you find and maintain the voice and carrier solutions you need to function at your best.

Applied is focused on customer service and dedicating experts to each client to help them find the best internet provider to flawlessly implement a voice and carrier service that achieves your company’s goals while being mindful of costs. We pride ourselves on understanding your business requirements and goals to improve collaboration and achieve what you need for your employees and clients.

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