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Security solutions identify risks while protecting your data and network.

Peace-of-mind security solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Protecting your data from cyberattacks is more important than ever. With Applied Innovation Security solutions, our experts complete a comprehensive security audit to evaluate your current IT environment and identify risks. Our ongoing monitoring and detection, along with industry-standard best practices, protect your data and mitigate attacks before they begin. With Applied Security solutions, you are better defended against physical or cyberattacks.

Data Protection

Applied takes a practical approach, backing up data with recovery in mind, and building a plan that understands your IT environment and considers any vulnerabilities.

Uninterrupted Performance

Applied security experts understand your cyber environment and implement a security plan to ensure minimal performance interruptions, even in the event of a cyberattack.


With increased dependence on technology to run your business, your organization faces greater exposure to cyberattacks. Our team delivers a comprehensive audit to identify your vulnerabilities and make necessary adaptations.

Security Solutions

Managed Security Services

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and the threat of bad actors continues to grow, no matter the size of your business. Stay one step ahead by letting Applied Innovation manage your network and data security. We identify security gaps in your network and applications, detect threats, and ensure critical business data stays protected. Our Managed Security Services allow you to focus on what matters most, while we prevent and, if necessary, respond to incidents.

  • Content Filtering and Reporting
  • Intrusion Prevention and Monitoring, including Managed Endpoint Detect and Response
  • Spyware, Botnets, and Phishing Protection
  • Penetration PEN Testing
  • Password Management
  • Compliance Assistance

Business Continuity: Backup + Disaster Recovery

With Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services, Applied Innovation experts create and store cloud-based backups of your critical business data, including email, legal documents, financial information, and customer records.

In the event of a cyberattack, climate disaster, fire, or even a network outage, Applied can easily restore your data, so your business doesn’t miss a beat. Customized plans are tailored to meet your business objectives and can help ensure business continuity with little or no interruption during a disaster or outage.

  • Hourly Backups Performed Automatically
  • Same Day Virtualization
  • Automatic Offsite Transfer
  • Backup Verification and Reporting
  • 24/7 Monitoring for Backup Failure

Security Planning

By examining your current system and gaining a clear understanding of your threat landscape, vulnerabilities, and current IT environment, Applied experts can recommend practical, protective security enhancements. We develop a comprehensive plan so you know what actions to take in the event of a cyber attack. By making necessary preparations, you can be proactive instead of reactive in the event of a cyber emergency.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring is a key component to every business security plan. Laws and industry regulations are complex and if your business is non-compliant, you may face considerable fines. Applied security experts help identify which regulations apply and what a comprehensive compliance framework looks like for your organization. By identifying regulatory gaps and being informed on changes to your security framework, you can maintain robust compliance protocols.

Security Awareness Training for Users

It’s important for team members understand cybersecurity risks associated with their actions. Applied designed a Security Awareness Training program to help end-users understand the role they play in helping to combat security breaches. By educating people on industry-standard best practices, running a phishing email test campaign, and incorporating persistent training, your workforce will be better prepared to mitigate and prevent cybersecurity risks.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is a critical component of your physical security. Applied offers video surveillance solutions to capture footage of your physical environment. Digital security cameras receive and send video footage through your local network, providing high-definition video with remote video access, zero storage requirements, video sharing options, and lower security costs.

Body Temperature Scanners

Applied’s Body Temperature Scanner kiosks offer peace of mind to employees, customers, and visitors. Our scanners are non-contact and fully-automated, with customizable features like temperature thresholds, mask requirements, facial recognition, and verbal warning and success messages. Body Temperature Scanners provide the first layer of screening and are safe, customizable, and easily integrated into your current work environment.

Technology Partners

Across all our services, Applied Innovation partners with best-in-class technology leaders to provide pragmatic, top-quality, reliable solutions for your business challenges.

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Choose Security from Applied Innovation

In matters of physical and digital security, the best defense is a good offense. That’s why Applied Innovation experts take a proactive approach to understand your environment and design solutions to protect your data, follow compliance and regulations, protect your most valuable assets, and prevent and mitigate user risks. By developing a strategy to keep your information safe and your business secure, you have peace of mind while staying one step ahead of threats.

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