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Document Workflow Solutions for K-12 Education

Document management and automation solutions are vital for the digital transformation of K-12 schools, regardless of size.

With Document Workflow Solutions by Applied Innovation, schools can reduce paper documents, simplify administrative processes, and enhance efficiency. Out team collaborates with schools to design customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, so staff can quickly retrieve crucial data, delivering an enhanced experience to faculty, students, and parents.

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Streamlined Efficiency

A fast and simplified user experience with cloud architecture and browser-based interface.

Compliments Existing Systems

Works with existing SIS, HRIS, and legacy systems for a browser-based workflow solution.

Adaptable Technology

A flexible solution that adapts to changing technology needs, minimized IT workload.

Mobile Accessibility

Allows access to critical documentation and fillable e-forms anywhere with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

How Our Document Workflow Solutions Work in Your School

Accounts Payable

Once an invoice is received and digitized through scanning or electronic submission, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology extracts pertinent information with precision, ensuring accurate data capture. The digitized invoice undergoes validation, coding, and routing through an automated approval workflow, which ensures the invoice is verified for accuracy and compliance within established protocols. The digital invoice is securely stored for easy retrieval and reference. By providing accurate and timely data capture, storage, and retrieval, schools are able to capitalize on early pay discounts and avoid late fees.

Student Records

When a physical student record such as an enrollment form, report card, or transcript is received, it undergoes a process of digitization where it’s transformed into a digital format. Our system compliments existing SIS systems and seamlessly organizes and indexes the document for simple search and retrieval. Data is stored securely to ensure privacy and compliance. Based on predefined permissions and controlled access, authorized personnel can view and make changes, updates, and annotations to the records. The system tracks the modifications and maintains an accurate and up-to-date history of the information, facilitating a comprehensive overview of the student’s educational journey.

Contracts Management

Document Workflow Solutions provide a comprehensive tool for reducing costs and enabling the capture of contracts and agreements for efficient indexing and metadata assignment. Advanced features simplify the review and approval process, enabling the addition of comments, suggestions, and revisions, to ensure accuracy. Users can readily retrieve contracts and generate performance or renewal status reports. Our system also monitors for key dates like renewals and expirations, so deadlines are never missed. This process enables schools to effectively reduce administrative burdens and optimize vendor relationships.

Human Resources

Whether it’s a faculty or staff contract, benefits paperwork, or a performance review, the document is captured and converted into a digital format for easy management, while complimenting existing HRIS systems. Documents are indexed and assigned metadata to enable quick search and retrieval and automated workflows streamline the review and approval process. Additionally, e-forms are used to replace paper-based processes at the start for fully electronic, automated, and auditable workflows. E-forms streamline time-off requests, timesheets, incident reports, payroll, and more.

Our Document Workflow Process, Applied

Back Office

  • Safeguard student privacy and adhere to FERPA guidelines by securely storing student records in a searchable digital archive


  • Effortlessly manage administrative processes with automated workflows, escalation, and exception rules, ensuring smooth and prompt operations


  • Enable secure and controlled access to HR records, including job applications, teacher evaluations, and benefits enrollment documentation


  • Electronically capture and store invoices for easy access and organization

  • Private schools can track admissions and financial aid through shared file access and speed up processing with retrieval and routing tools

  • Automate AP processes to save time and minimize errors

Teachers and Students

  • Capture and store lesson plans, assignments, and other resources

  • Streamline daily responsibilities with controlled access, task lists, and email notifications, boosting staff efficiency


  • Exchange information among staff members, such as teachers, psychologists, and guidance counselors collaborating on an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Minimize reliance on paper-based systems

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