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Capture as a Service

Capture as a Service transforms how document data is processed and saved.

Capture as a Service is for any business that processes documents across multiple channels, such as invoices, shipping and receiving documents, surveys, and more.

With Capture as a Service from Applied Innovation, we identify, classify, and extract critical data from your documents – without your staff having to lift a finger. Our system delivers one platform that accurately, consistently, and securely processes all types of documents and information from virtually any source. We guarantee the extracted data is 99% accurate. Once the essential data is captured, the information collected is automatically passed to your desired destination. Capture as a Service works behind the scenes, allowing your business processes to run more efficiently.

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Increase Productivity

Collect information from documents and transform them into accurate, actionable data. CaaS works behind the scenes to deliver that data to existing applications, workflows, and team members – so your staff can focus on higher-value tasks.

Safe + Secure

Whether it’s scattered on your desktop or in a filing cabinet at your central office, on paper or digital, our secure system ensures that your documents are processed safely and securely.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate manual procedures, data entry errors, and lost documents by streamlining your document processing system. CaaS ensures that your data is 99% accurate which expedites exceptions and approvals and reduces audit prep time.

Save Time + Money

Manually processing invoices can be costly. Capture as a Service is a fraction of the cost of a human-only workforce. And it’s faster and more reliable than manual data entry.

Our Process



The team of experts at Applied will analyze the number and types of documents you receive to establish the data that needs to be captured and where that data will be shared and stored.



CaaS technology from Applied monitors various folders and email addresses to collect incoming digital documents. If a document is in paper form, simply scan it to a designated folder for our system to collect it.



Our system quickly and accurately analyzes each document, extracts the needed data, and identifies the document type. If the system can’t pick up the desired data or if the confidence level is low, Applied’s team of experts will review each exception, ensuring timely and accurate results.



Documents and the associated data that has been extracted can be migrated or published into many different line of business systems, ready to be processed.

Choose Capture as a Service from Applied Innovation

At Applied, we want to empower you to grow and transform your business. Dedicated and friendly Applied experts have a history of long-term client relationships. Our proven strategic process helps you find the best solution for your business and budget. Capture as a Service allows you to convert physical and digital documents into structured data, so you can reclaim valuable real estate, improve employee productivity, and focus on generating revenue.

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“Applied’s service team is amazing, that’s a distinguishing factor for them... The flexibility, the partnership, the can-do attitude. It’s all about being a partner with us.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deployment of Capture as a Service is quick and easy, with timeframes dependent on:

  • Volume of documents
  • Number of different document types
  • Amount of information you intend to have extracted from the documents

During our initial consultation, we gather this information from you and provide an estimated timeline.

Whether you process 500 or 500,000 documents annually, it’s time to chat! Based on a quick conversation, our team of experts will determine if Capture as a Service, or another solution from our vast portfolio, will help you achieve your business goals.

Based on supporting data and feedback from current users of CaaS, the majority of users find that this solution is more cost effective than manually intaking and processing documents. Pricing typically ranges from $0.50 – $2.50 per document. Fill out the form below to connect with an expert.

We offer flexible contract lengths, in one year increments.

Capture as a Service is software that is sophisticated enough to know when data is missing or inconsistent with the designed templates. In these instances, a very small percentage of documents are sent to an exception queue to be verified manually by Applied’s team.  

Our system is intuitive, intelligent, and able to identify data that doesn’t meet the pre-determined criteria. In these instances, our team of experts will verify the data and ensure the information is captured and processed accurately. Capture as a Service delivers one platform that productively, consistently, and securely processes all types of documents and information from virtually any source.

We guarantee the extracted data is 99% accurate.

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