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Document Workflow Solutions

Document Workflow Solutions deliver on the need for greater regulatory compliance, stronger document tracking and control, improved workflows, and less paper.

Document management and automation for organizations of all sizes and in any industry.

With Document Workflow Solutions from Applied Innovation, you can minimize your organization’s dependence on paper documents while simplifying and streamlining your business processes. Document Workflow improves process efficiencies, increases control over documents, enhances productivity, and more. Our knowledgeable team designs customized solutions to work with your existing business systems and improve internal processes.


By going beyond simple scan, store, and retrieve solutions, Applied can help you build custom solutions that integrate with your core business applications and legacy systems. Host your content in the cloud or on premises.

Secure Collaboration

Enable multiple users across departments to work on the same document. Only authorized users are allowed to view, modify, or delete documents.

Sophisticated Analytics

Data is the key to increasing productivity and realizing a competitive edge. Applied delivers advanced analytics in a centralized location so you can gain insight and improve business processes.

Records Management

Documents are stored in a central repository. Our intelligent query tools allow your teams to find what they’re looking for — easily — and refocus their time on higher-value tasks.

Our Document Workflow Process



Automatically and intelligently capture your critical business documents: paper documents are scanned, while electronic documents are imported or integrated. All relevant data from the document is extracted and classified with meta tags.


Store and Manage

Documents are stored in a central repository where query tools allow teams to search for data, documents, and information — anytime and anywhere.  Customizable security settings allow you to manage access, monitor system login/logout, and protect sensitive metadata.



Automate repeatable tasks, route documents, manage exceptions, and extend key processes using Applied’s configurable workflow tools. Workflows direct the sequence of events a document and its information travel, according to your organization’s business rules. 



You may use other systems that depend on data and information such as your Human Resources software or Vendor Management programs. Integrate with these systems and more to streamline the import and export of documents and data. Applied’s central repository intelligently links documents and data to other transactions and activities in other applications.



When critical information is stored in one central place, you gain greater transparency, visibility, and control over your business. You will better understand the status of your content and processes, and be able to make educated, impactful, and timely business decisions.

Innovation, Applied

Applied Innovation puts innovative concepts to practical use, helping move your business forward.


With hundreds of employees across multiple offices (and some that work from home), managing information can get tricky. Sharing documents and large files, often with confidential information, causes concerns about information security. Revisions are hard to track. Operations get slowed down. Collaboration feels almost impossible.

Document Workflow software provides secure features to address these issues. Documents are stored in one place for employees to access with ease, no matter their location: the office, their house, a client location, or a coffee shop. The software increases collaboration by allowing employees to make comments on documents and tag co-workers for attention. Applied’s Document Workflow Solutions make it easy to maintain version control while still working collaboratively.


Processing invoices only by paper is time consuming and inefficient. Let’s imagine… your Accounts Payable team receives a physical purchase order. This paper is passed around the office for signatures, landing on multiple desks, where the first person signed it immediately, and the next person signed it when they return from vacation three days later. Eventually, the PO finds its way back to Accounts Payable for final processing and checks are issued. On top of that, copies of everything are made and filed for your records.

Document Workflow software streamlines this inefficient process, which means payments are timely, check or purchase orders are easy to look up when you need to reference them, and file cabinets with years of paperwork are eliminated.


On a school campus, important documents such as admissions forms, student records, and financial aid paperwork are kept in multiple places, sometimes even in separate buildings. Retrieving these documents is manual and tedious, and staff are often taken away from more productive work.

Document Workflow software helps school administrators digitally process large document volumes efficiently and securely. With the power of Applied’s Document Workflow Solutions, your staff can quickly retrieve crucial data, delivering an enhanced customer experience to students and parents.

Technology Partners

Across all our services, Applied Innovation partners with best-in-class technology leaders to provide pragmatic, top-quality, reliable solutions for your business challenges.

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Choose Document Workflow Solutions from Applied Innovation

Good for Your Wallet and the Planet

When your business documents and data are stored digitally, costs for printing, shipping, and storage of paper files decline. As a result, you are helping the environment and getting organized – it’s a win, win.

Increased Productivity

Your staff may spend a lot of time digging through paperwork and files. Document Workflow software provides intelligent query tools, so they can search and retrieve documents within a few seconds, leading to increased uptime and fewer headaches.

Friendly Experts

At Applied, we want to empower you to grow and transform your business. Our friendly, knowledgeable teams are ready to implement Document Workflow solutions that work for and with your business. We take our work seriously, but you can always count on us for a smile.

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"Applied has been nothing short of amazing to work with. Their staff has always been courteous, professional, very intelligent... We try to use this system in a way that is innovative. And they're available to help us on new workflows and utilizing new features in the system."


Frequently Asked Questions

Every document management and automation strategy is different. Our team works to design a solution that fits your business needs. Every project follows an extensive process, which includes:

  • Statement of Work (SOW): we outline the breakdown of your processes and how the solution will compliment it
  • Architecture: your solution is shown on paper how it will work, function, and flow
  • Design: our software developers begin configuring the custom solution
  • User Testing + Acceptance: before going live, we install a virtual environment to test and make any tweaks
  • Go Live: our team installs the final solution to be used in your business

Many people are involved from Applied’s team, including your automation specialist, solution architect, project manager, and solution engineer. When it comes to who’s involved from your business, this can include end-users, members of your IT department, and key decision makers.

No matter the size of your company, there is a Document Workflow solution that can be designed for your organization’s specific needs. Streamlining, digitizing, and automating processes looks different in every business, but it will free up your staff to focus on more valuable and revenue-generating work.

Your workflows do not have to be defined. Our team is involved every step of the way. During the early stages of the discovery process, our experts ask a number of questions that bring visibility to your current processes. From there, we organize and outline your current processes, define workflows, and propose a more efficient solution to get you to the same end goal.

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