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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

User-friendly software that automates digital tasks to transform your business.

Robotic Process Automation for business of all kinds, in any industry.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses metaphorical software robots to learn, mimic, and execute rules-based business processes. To put it simply: it’s user-friendly software that automates digital tasks. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, Applied Innovation RPA solutions allow your staff to work on more valuable and revenue-generating tasks.

User Benefits

Business Benefits

Implementing RPA for Your Business



Our Applied RPA discovery process uncovers hidden automation opportunities in your current business processes. We outline the scope and define the objectives of your RPA initiative.



Applied experts design your RPA robot by creating automated scripts and program code. The process robot is thoroughly tested in all possible scenarios.



After in-depth testing, your process robot is deployed. As the robot automates your daily business activities, Applied RPA experts continue to maintain the robot’s performance.



As your business changes, your process robot can be changed, too. The first RPA deployment lays the groundwork for future automation opportunities: Applied RPA experts help you prioritize next steps in the process.

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Human Resources

RPA robots can assist your Human Resources department by automating lengthy, repetitive hiring and onboarding processes. RPA robots can help source applicants, screen candidates and resumes, and automate onboarding tasks like sharing benefits information. Best of all? Process robots work around the clock, consistently, and without human bias.

Customer Support

Today, customers expect immediate responses. Fortunately, many of these questions can be solved with the help of RPA. A process robot categorizes and routes inquiries to the correct department — such as technical support, billing, or sales. RPA robots help you resolve issues faster, saving money on customer service and improving customer satisfaction.


The healthcare industry faces increased pressures from costs, high volumes, and stringent regulations. By implementing an RPA strategy, employees can deliver high-quality patient care at reduced costs. RPA can be used strategically in a variety of areas: admission process, regulatory compliance, appointment turnaround, and analytics.

Technology Partners

Across all our services, Applied Innovation partners with best-in-class technology leaders to provide pragmatic, top-quality, reliable solutions for your business challenges.

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Choose RPA from Applied Innovation


RPA is non-intrusive and works in the background. When your employees start a task, the information they need is already there. RPA is a consistent solution because the robots don’t take PTO. They don’t sleep. They don’t get sick. And they don’t make mistakes.

Cost Effective

RPA solutions are the fraction of a cost of a full-time employee. These robots save your business money by taking care of the time-consuming, repetitive, and redundant tasks. Your employees can focus on the value- and revenue-generating tasks.

Friendly Expertise

Applied experts implement every step of your RPA solution. And we also take the time to identify which areas benefit your business the most. Our top priority is a successful implementation and on-going strategy for your business.

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"Today's business world is changing so fast with the advent of digital technology, personalization, and variable printing. These guys speak our language and we really love that. They help move the business forward and that's what we need."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business can benefit from RPA. Even the smallest businesses have many repetitive tasks that can be automated and streamlined. And, RPA software can operate in any digital environment. Find out more by talking with an Applied Innovation expert today.

RPA is for businesses of all sizes and industries who want more time to focus on higher-value tasks. If your team is engaged by mundane, repetitive, manual processes, then RPA is a great solution.

The cost of implementing an RPA strategy is dependent on the complexity of the processes that your business intends to automate. Applied experts work with you to determine the right level of automation and complexity to serve your business needs.

RPA isn’t designed to replace team members. With an effective RPA strategy, your team will be free to work on more valuable, engaging, revenue-generating tasks.

There is no training involved. RPA robots operate in the background and end results are achieved without any human interaction. When it comes to managing your RPA system, Applied Innovation team members manage implementation and optimization for you!

RPA might feel intimidating, but it’s actually very exciting!

Imagine asking your staff members the least favorite part of their job as it pertains to a digital environment. Then imagine asking how they would feel if they no longer had to do that task anymore, ever again. Cue the excitement! With an effective RPA system, employees will have the opportunity to make a bigger impact and focus on more valuable tasks.

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