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Dealer ITT Ship-In Requests

Seamless coordination ensuring your customers receive the best service possible. To provide a flawless experience, please complete all requested documents below.

Complete the Provided Applied ITT Form

Complete our ITT Form provided by Applied Innovation. To access, click here. There will be an area to upload this form at the bottom of the page.

Please review our delivery and service map here.

Complete + Sign the Provided Applied Networking Form

Complete & Sign the Applied Network Survey here. If networking is not required, please decline & sign the Applied Network Survey.

Submit Your Documents

Complete the below fields and include our ITT form and Networking form in the designated file uploads.

Important Notes

If your request requires a device be moved from one location to another, please submit a complete Move Form with your order.

To submit an ITT Request for a Production device, please include a completed Site Survey Form with your attachments.

Submit Your Request