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Jennifer McKenna, NetSmart Plus Specialist

5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Transitioning to Managed IT

For the last several years, managed services have become more familiar in the marketplace and in turn have become a tool many business owners have turned to. With the constant change in technology, higher risk in security breaches and increased dependency on technology, businesses are realizing they need IT help.

What is the motivating factor for companies to use an MSP (Managed Service Provider) for IT needs?

  1. Delivers Optimal Security and Compliance – With the rise of cyberattacks, security is a primary reason businesses partner with MSPs. MSPs specialize in handling company’s network security through premium services including the latest security innovations. Additionally, many MSPs provide security training to your staff to help educate against phishing emails, ransomware, etc.
  2. Cost-Effective Alternative – MSPs allow businesses to avoid having to expand their IT staff and gives the business a predictable IT expense. This allows for better budgeting and a larger budget for IT projects.
  3. Supplements Internal IT Department – IT departments have their limits. They are overwhelmed with requests, handling network slowness and have a never-ending list that cannot be completed in a timely manner. By bringing in an MSP, the existing IT staff has time to focus on more strategic projects. It creates faster response times and helps increase overall productivity for the IT staff and end users.
  4. Better Uptime – By using an MSP, businesses avoid extensive downtime by receiving consistent updates to their network as well as fast responses when there is an issue with their network. MSP’s use a proactive approach to IT. They make sure that the network, back-ups and desktops are up-to-date with patches, antivirus, updates and maintance.
  5. Predictable Monthly Costs – IT expenses can drastically change month to month, making budgeting very difficult. MSPs work with your company to create a monthly fixed cost program and a technology timeline for your project costs. This allows for a business to stay on track and the accounting department to know what to expect.

By partnering with an MSP an organization no longer will be bogged down by limited resources or worry about the things that were dragging them down. To learn more about how an MSP can help your organization contact us today at NetSmart Plus!