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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Untraditional print management

I questioned whether or not I even wanted to give away this secret, but I figured it was important to share. I suppose it’s out there if you look hard enough anyway. When you think of print management and getting control of your printing costs, what comes to mind? If you thought about printer and multi-functional acquisition cost, maintenance contracts and supply costs, you would be correct. But you would also be looking at the traditionally observed costs. And you would also be missing the bigger piece of the pie. I mentioned it in an earlier article if you are interested in looking at a different spin on it.
Now let’s list a few traditionally unobserved costs: document and records management, end user productivity, IT support and infrastructure, administrative costs, and environmental costs. Now think of how much time is spent auditing the costs in the first list. Now think of how rarely people actually look at the second list or maybe how often it’s thought about and ignored. Maybe we are all just too busy doing “stuff.”