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Bonnie VanSledright, Content Producer

How the Detroit Lions Became the Champs of Technology

In 2019, the Detroit Lions faced a true opponent — outdated technology that made managing critical office functions across multiple locations a challenge. They knew they had to find a teammate that could jump into their fast-paced environment with custom solutions, and identified three key traits in a successful technology partner:

  1. A dependable and reputable company to upgrade their printers and copiers
  2. Partnership with their IT team
  3. Shared sense of community and company culture

As the Lions began their search, they were pleased with what Applied Innovation brought to the table, and a relationship was forged over these shared goals. Applied Innovation (then Applied Imaging) became the “Official Office Technology Partner” of the Detroit Lions with a 5-year agreement.

The Detroit Lions team, coaches, and office staff will tell you that football isn’t only on when there are games on TV. The game of football is happening all year long with camps, practices, off-season events, training, recruiting, and more. That’s why, when the Detroit Lions professional football franchise made the decision to upgrade their printers and copiers, they knew they would have to find a team player who could keep up, helping them avoid any downtime.

State-of-the-art Equipment

The experts at Applied went to work to truly understand the team’s needs and create an imaging solution that would ensure maximum productivity without any disruptions. They began replacing old equipment with 70 new printers and multifunction copiers in two key locations – Ford Field and Allen Park. Working directly with the Lions IT professionals, the Applied team was able to pull off the upgrade seamlessly and with minimal downtime, so the Lions didn’t miss a score.

Great Service

Dan Lentz, Detroit’s Executive Director of Corporate Sponsorships, shared that the Lions “Were looking for a business solutions company and that’s what we found. Our people are happier with the equipment and the service that’s associated with it (…) on top of the fact [Applied Innovation] they have enthusiasm for the team and want to succeed just as much as we do, it’s a very easy relationship.”

Seamless Connectivity

Connectivity was a big consideration for this integration. Knowing that staff need to stay connected from different offices or while on the road, Applied removed outdated equipment and installed over 70 new, wireless-capable printers and copiers at the Ford Field and Allen Park offices. Applied also partnered with the team’s IT department to ensure seamless execution of advanced equipment features that boost productivity and security. With this new equipment customized to meet the team’s requirements, Applied solved the Detroit Lions’ connectivity needs.

Simplified Billing

Because the Detroit Lions began to source all their equipment through one dedicated provider, they also simplified their billing. Instead of dealing with multiple providers, costs are lower with one per-print amount, and the ability to measure, monitor, and manage print costs in real time saves the franchise money along the way.

Stronger Security

Another important factor was security. Whether dealing with contracts, personal player information, or general business files, secure handling of all sensitive data is of the utmost importance. With upgraded technology provided from Applied Innovation, the Lions could count on the fact that they never dropped the ball in terms of security. With smart technology and advanced security features, printing and copying could be fully managed from a centralized location, security policy settings can be controlled, access to each device can be managed, and sensitive information can be safeguarded. The Lions also implemented additional security measures with the installation of Applied’s Print Management software to ensure that the most important print jobs are protected before, during and after the user hits “print.”

Measurable Results

Applied Innovation has a history of partnering with professional sports teams, so the Detroit Lions knew they were in good hands with a company that has a strong support of teams and events, as well as a culture that embraces the fun and camaraderie inherent to sports. As part of this team approach relationship, Applied was able to provide greater productivity and less down time, improved response time, simplified processes, and better security across locations.

Applied Innovation has over 35 years of technology expertise, 500+ team members, world-class brand partners, and a passion you’ll rarely find in a business like ours. Plus, as an independent dealer, we have the autonomy to always do what’s right for you.

Whether your goal is adopting new technologies, making smarter use of the tools you already use, or maybe a mix of both, our people are always available. And always happy to help.

We’re always available to support your unique technology, imaging, or automation needs. Applied Innovation experts are just a call, click, or visit away with offices in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Tampa, Florida.

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