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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Cloud printing and scanning

I had the opportunity to watch a taped webinar at titled “Reach for the cloud – Sharepoint Online, Google Docs and Your MFP (Multi-Functional Peripheral).”  Cloud is a hot topic and the MFP is adapting to the changing workplace.  Here were a few of my takeaways…
  • Leveraging the cloud can help eliminate steps to get what you need when you need it.
  • End users can get output on demand at the device nearest to them.  It can be retrieved by any device on the network!
  • Only the person intending to see the document will ever see the document – great for anyone struggling with HIPPA or security in the workplace.
  • Access documents on the cloud right from the panel of a copier and print without a server or a print driver.  Document retrieval and version control do not get any easier.
  • Scan and upload documents to the cloud for quick access to anyone with a network connection.

scan to and print from the cloud