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Mari Martin, ECM Sales Development Specialist

That “Non-Paperless” Office Is Costing You More Than You Think…

The “paperless” workplace remains an elusive goal for many organizations.  A study conducted by AIIM (Association For Intelligent Information Management) showed only 17% respondents have achieved a paperless office. 

Here’s what the experts say it’s costing your organization;

       Resource Information Systems Inc. (RISI) estimates that U.S. companies will spend $8 billion per year managing paper. 

       It’s estimated that the storage requirement for hard copy documents doubles every 3 years, with an average cost to store a file cabinet full of documents at $1,400 per year. (Tom Franceski)

       Each misfiled document costs $125.00 and a lost document from $350.00 to $700.00 (Based on the wage/benefits you are paying your staff to locate information or recreate information that can’t be found.) IDC

       The IDC has estimated that the average knowledge worker spends 8.8 hours per week searching for information at a cost of $14,209 per worker, per year!

       And we’re only talking paper here.  Let’s look at data (electronic information) – over the last two years alone 90 percent of the data in the world was generated.   (Emails, text messages, electronic documents and more.)

       The average employee spends 30% to 40% of their time looking through email, paper documents, shared hard disks and filing cabinets to find information they need to complete their tasks.

So now that I’ve taken you to the dark side and shown what a non-paperless office is costing you, there is hope!  If your organization is just now starting down that paperless trail and looking for answers, Applied Innovation has a variety of software solutions to fit your needs and your budget!  We have an entire team of experts dedicated to helping you seek the answers to your existing challenges.

Here’s the bottom line;

By adding a document management solution, you can save money, reallocate your resources, complete tasks in half the time than it currently takes, and rid your organization of paper-intensive processes.

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