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Cody Kremers, Electronic Content Account Manager

Secure Your Data with the “Rule of 3”

Hackers, viruses, and cyber-attacks have become more of an issue now than ever. From business data to personal information, here are ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

One of the best ways to keep information secure is to protect your data in every state. What does this mean? On the surface level its quite simple. Make sure your data is secured in every state that it is in:

  • When it is at rest; Sitting on a hard drive or network share
  • In transit; When it is moving from the server to your computer
  • When it is in use; When your computer has a document open

Easy way to remember this is the “Rule of 3”; In transit, in use, and at rest.

Looking for an example? Let’s say a hacker is trying to get access to files on your network and servers. One attempt would be to use software that listens to all the data moving across your network. If you’re not following the rule of 3, a hacker can

  • See a file transfer, message or document and intercept it
  • Copy the message or document
  • Continue forwarding it to its original destination

They do this ALL WITHOUT YOU KNOWING someone took a confidential piece of information.

If you follow the “Rule of 3”,  you have the transfer secured so the hacker cannot intercept the document.

Now let’s take it a step farther. Let’s say they DO manage to intercept the document somehow. If you follow the “Rule of 3”, they will still not be able to do anything with the intercepted data. Following the rule, you would also have the document itself encrypted so even if they do manage to get ahold of the document they would not be able to open it.

Finally, the document is secured when you are viewing it, so if a hacker has obtained access to your computer, they will not be able to see your data unless they know your document management software password.

There are many different ways to go about encrypting documents. We like to use OnBase to handle the security of confidential documents. Knowing that Hyland has a dedicated team of security developers working on OnBase is peace of mind that we can use it for our HR and Accounting departments.

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