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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Applied Imaging’s President, John Lowery, featured in ENX Magazine’s State of the Industry

Here at Applied Imaging, strategic vision is everything. Every move we make is intentional and we strive for constant #innovation. For the past 33+ years, we have watched the industry, watched the key players, and made our customers needs our top priority.

Products are always evolving and the manufacturers we support are some of the best in the business. But it’s no secret that our industry has been changing – as technology evolves, our buyer landscape changes, and new generations enter the workforce. In order to continue to grow, investment is key.

Our very own President, John Lowery, has an eye for predicting industry trends and significant growth has come as a result. ENX Magazine featured John in their article of industry thought leaders when discussing “The 2019 Forecast: M&A, Structural Changes and Product Evolution to Dominate the Year.”

As John states to author, Erik Cagle at ENX Magazine, “The focus for dealers should be to take advantage of strategic acquisitions to fuel growth and build necessary resources dealers need to compete.”

Each year, we grow exponentially – both organically and through acquiring other dealers. We know the only constant is change. But one thing that still holds true in our company is our commitment to our customers. As the competitive landscape changes, as new technology drives decisions, and as businesses evolve, we will always believe in Fast, Friendly, and Amazing service.

Everything from our Customer Loyalty Center, to our Technical Service Department, to our Accounting Team- every single customer will always receive “White Glove” service. It’s more than just a promise. It’s in our chemistry.