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Bonnie Claflin

Navigating Change: Google’s Shift from Chrome Apps to Extensions and PaperCut’s Response

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead of changes is key to seamless operations. For those in the realm of printing solutions, recent announcements from Google regarding Chromebooks have sparked attention. PaperCut, a leader in print management software, has been quick to address these changes and offer support to its valued customers.

On September 1st, Google will be making significant alterations to how printing features on Chromebooks, saying goodbye to Chrome Apps and moving to Extensions. This transition not only affects Google’s Mobility Print feature but also impacts administrators of Workspace accounts. Over the past months, Google has been diligently communicating these shifts to prepare administrators for what lies ahead.

Anticipating the impact on users, PaperCut is proactively reaching out to its clients beginning April 16. This change will impact PaperCut customers utilizing Google Workspace for user management, primarily within K-12 educational settings where Chromebooks are prevalent.

The email notifications from PaperCut will provide comprehensive guidance on migrating from Mobility Print App to Extensions. Step-by-step instructions will accompany the communication, ensuring a smooth transition for users. Additionally, Applied Innovations Connectivity Solutions Group is ready to assist, fielding any inquiries, concerns, or providing hands-on support as needed. Customers of Applied can simply place a support ticket with the Customer Loyalty Center (CLC).

An example of the notification email can be read here: Mobility Print App migration to Extension

Organizations using the Mobility Print Chrome App must migrate to the extension by 30 June 2024. Learn how to migrate Mobility Print.

By navigating these changes together, we ensure that technological advancements enhance, rather than hinder, productivity and efficiency. For internal questions or concerns, please send an email to: [email protected]

We’re always available to support your business technology needs. Applied Innovation experts are just a call, click, or visit away with offices in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Tampa, Florida.