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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Applied Imaging Receives “Elite Dealer” status from ENX Magazine

Applied Imaging is proud to be named an ENX Elite Dealer. ENX Magazine is an industry-leading magazine that is well recognized in the office technology community. This is highly coveted because dealerships, like Applied Imaging, work hard to achieve excellence each year. Customer service is a priority at many dealerships, however, at Applied Imaging, it’s our main priority.


Each year, Applied Imaging sets goals for their customer service team. For instance, we strive for every call to be answered by a human. By maintaining key performance indicators, we are able to ensure every customer is taken care of in a timely manner. In addition, our service technicians strive for perfect scores on their surveys, and have metrics to hit such as first call effectiveness. First call effectiveness is being able to correct the problem the first time they come out. They carry a large car stock of parts for this reason. Small changes like that makes a big difference with uptime.

Additional Criteria

There are many different areas that dealers are evaluated in, for instance, marketing proficiency. The marketing team’s initiatives this year are to focus on digital marketing, radio, blogs, and sponsorships. Applied Imaging is also scored on growth initiatives and technology leadership. Finally, we are evaluated on accolades in the industry and philanthropy.

Challenging Times

The pandemic has brought challenging times to many businesses, however, Applied Imaging used this as a reason to propel forward. “It is very important to adapt to the changing times,” said John Lowery, Applied Imaging’s President. Creativity had to come from all employees, not just the marketing team. Our customer base is constantly changing due to remote work, less locations, less copier clicks and more. Applied Imaging’s offerings and communication tactic is changing day by day to accommodate this new normal.

Applied Imaging is a family owned business with an aggressive growth plan. While other businesses are considering shutting down offices, Applied Imaging continues to acquire dealers and expand our footprint. Thank you, ENX Magazine, for recognizing us!