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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Applied Innovation Ranked #1 in TOP Area Office Equipment Dealers by the Grand Rapids Business Journal

It’s an exciting year for us at Applied Imaging! We’re on track to hit our $100 Million Goal for Fiscal Year 2019; We’ve been honored with Canon Elite Partner Status for 5 years in a row; we’ve been featured in numerous blogs, magazines, and websites of our partners for our committment to the community, to area businesses, and our employees.

But this honor takes the cake.

Applied Imaging has been ranked the NUMBER ONE “Top Area Office Equipment Dealers” in West Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal. “The Grand Rapids Business Journal list of top area office equipment dealers, ranked by 2018 West Michigan Sales Revenue, is the most comprehensive list available.”

Our industry is constantly evolving and we strive to represent the best manufacturers while helping businesses through every phase of their document lifecycle – Output | Electronic Document Management | Production Print | Advanced Printing Services | Managed Print Services | Network Services | Shredding and much more

An exerpt from the article titled, “Printing Options Evolve to Keep Pace in a Digital World,” John Lowery was able to comment on the digital revolution.

“After being in the printing industry over the course of a few decades, John Lowery, President of Applied Imaging, said when he started at Applied Imaging, there was a belief that the digital revolution would change the rate in which people print because they would be able to store and manage documents digitally. The digital world has allowed people to store their documents online , and because of the internet, Lowery said there are many more documents available now than ever before. As a result, people are printing at a faster rate. To eliminate paper, however, now there are ways people can print via phone.”

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