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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

What really is print management?

Print Management, Managed Print Services and Enterprise Printing Services are essentially the same thing. Just to be extra confusing, our industry tried to come up with as many different terms for the same thing as possible.
Print management is all about managing the inventory, logistics, purchasing, distribution and output related to documents in the office. And to throw another term in there Managed Document Services takes this all to the next level. The idea behind all of this, do more with less. Save time, save money, and create a print strategy. Why create a print strategy? Print is just like any other process in the office. As a company grows a broken process stays in place until someone steps back to take a look from 40,000 feet. It multiplies when the company grows. Adding people to the process exposes issues even further. Print is no different and the majority of the time the true cost is unaudited. So, take a step back and let us help you look at the big picture of print management. To learn more about how we can help click here.