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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Mastering Cost Control: The Ultimate Guide to Rules-Based Printing

The 411 on Rules Based Printing

Printing documents is a large component of standard business routines. Because of this, print costs can quickly add up. With rules-based printing, your organization can better control costs and reduce the overuse of printing. For example, mistakes happen with printing. It’s inevitable. Sometimes we print on letterhead out of tray 3 instead of plain paper. Additionally, sometimes we accidentally print in color instead of greyscale. Errors like printing 50 copies instead of 5 easily happen. These oversights can end up being costly to an organization if not tracked. That’s where Rules-Based Printing can help.

How Rules Based Printing Works

Rules-based printing uses advanced printing software to define what types of documents can be printed. In addition, rules-based printing regulates which devices can print certain documents, and which users have certain permissions. Using these parameters, an administrator at your organization creates rules that can ensure human error does not take place and that your technology is being used as effectively as possible. Moreover, this leads to cost control. Not only with print costs, but with maintenance costs too. 

Examples of Rules-Based Printing

  • Default 2-sided prints and copies 
  • All documents to be printed in black and white 
  • Restrict printing from certain job titles  
  • Routing to the most cost-effective device, depending on what the job is 
  • Sending large files to high volume printers  
  • Suggest alternative printers if printers are offline

Benefits of Rules Based Printing

  • Reduce cost due to less paper and consumable waste 
  • Save time – Route oversized jobs to larger printers so time is not spent bogging down slower machines 
  • Increase security Sensitive documents won’t be left at a printer 
  • Environmental benefits – Reduce paper and power consumption
  • Proper resource allocation – Routing print jobs means faster printing and fewer bottlenecks 

Rules based printing can be easy to set up and beneficial to your office. Improving your bottom line can be as simple as implementing a software to create the most efficient environment for your employees.  

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