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Ang Hoecker

The Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Shredding Services

Data protection might be thought of by many as a purely “online” concern, but its necessity extends far beyond the digital domain. Hard copies containing sensitive information are just as vulnerable to data theft as wire transfers, shared digital documents, and the cloud. To combat the risk of information leaks in the physical world, businesses can enlist mobile shredding services to dispose of paper documents and hardware that contain information they want kept private.

Read on for the top four benefits of mobile shredding services, including security, collaboration, sustainability, and hard drive disposal.

1. Enhanced Security

The process of shredding confidential physical documents should always be handled with care. For example, the release of sensitive information such as financial statements and medical records can be catastrophic if they fall into the wrong hands. Because of this, mobile shredding service teams will go to great lengths to ensure sensitive documents are safe once dropped into a secure bin.

Many mobile shredding providers offer their clients locked bins that are only accessible by key and a unique company code. Furthermore, the company will conduct shredding services on site to ensure the documents stay on the premises until destroyed. At the end of each shredding service, expert providers may even produce a certificate of destruction as written proof of the conducted service to further ensure the data is secure.

2. Collaborative Service

Every business has varying mobile shredding needs and may look for direction on where to start. Experts can help develop a roadmap to meet the volume of each location – from how often to schedule shredding appointments to the number of secure bins required. Experienced, collaborative providers can also adapt as a company grows and changes over time, ensuring your company has the exact services it needs at any given moment.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Even in the paper industry, there are many opportunities for shredding service providers to go green. According to an August 2023 American Forest & Paper Association press release, the rate of paper recycling in the U.S. has been on the rise since 2009 and reached an all-time high of 67.9% in 2022. That kind of steady increase provides opportunities for companies to contribute to their sustainability efforts even while protecting their data when shredding sensitive documents.

A specialized mobile shredding provider will most often recycle all of their shredded material at a local recycling facility. These facilities compact the material and work with vendors who use it to manufacture consumer packaged goods to reduce global waste.

4. Hard Drive Disposal

A hard drive is another item in your office that must be disposed of safely. Though tempting, throwing an old hard drive into the garbage is not recommended as its contents can still be intercepted. The best solution, and the only sure way to know that the technology is no longer in working condition, is to watch the hard drives be destroyed on site. Many mobile shredding providers carry special equipment to shred hard drives, ensuring confidential information remains secure.

Whether your business requires ongoing shredding services or a one-time visit after clearing your office of old documents, taking precautions and working with field professionals is advised. Above all, protecting your confidential information is vital, and until they are officially destroyed on site, all documents set for shredding should be stored away safely under lock and key. Safeguarding sensitive data provides an extra layer of protection around your business.

When shopping around for a mobile shredding team, price is a significant factor for most companies. We recommend working with a service provider that outlines all costs beforehand so your financial department can easily plan for the expense. At Applied, we don’t condone hidden fees or surprise bills – cost transparency is necessary for a sustainable, long-term customer-provider relationship.

Have more questions? Contact one of our experts in Michigan or Toledo, OH to learn more about mobile shredding services through Applied Innovation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: mobile shredding services may not be available in all areas.