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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Recycling printers

Over the weekend, Applied Innovation was able to recycle almost 800 printers. After streamlining the printing processes for one of our newest clients, Baker College, we had a warehouse full of outdated printers.



Rather than simply throwing them away or taking them out into a field and smashing them with a baseball bat a la Office Space, we worked with Padnos and loaded up 6 trucks full of printers to recycle.


However, before loading them up, we had to first take out all of the paper and toner from each machine. The paper is, of course, recyclable, but as you read in the previous sustainability blog post, toner is currently not recyclable, so it could not be taken to Padnos.


Once the paper and toner were removed, three Applied Innovation staff members, Mike Dreyer, Joel DenHerder, and Johnny Barrett, loaded up the trucks and brought them over to Padnos.


Once the printers are taken to the recycling facility, they’re broken up and divided into different groups based on material to be recycled.