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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

How to create a group for Scan to Email / Scan To Folder

ricoh and lanier logosHave you ever wanted to scan a document to a group of emails rather than sending it to yourself and forwarding it to everyone? Well, you can by following these simple steps…
1. Press the [User Tools/Counter] key. 2. Press [System Settings]. 3. Press [Administrator Tools]. 4. Press [Address Book: Program / Change / Delete Group]. 5. Check that [Program / Change] is selected. 6. Press [New Program]. 7. Press [Change] under Group Name. 8. Enter the name, and then press [OK]. The Key Display name is set automatically. 9. Press the title key under Select Title, if necessary. The keys you can select are as follows:
  • [Frequent]: Added to the page that is displayed first.
  • [AB], [CD], [EF], [GH], [IJK], [LMN], [OPQ], [RST], [UVW], [XYZ], [1] to [10]… Added to the list of items in the selected title.
  • You can select [Frequent] and one more page for each title.
10. When you want to change the key display, press [Change] under Key Display. Enter the key display, and then press [OK]. 11. Press [OK]. If you have problems accessing these windows, you might not have administrator permissions on the machine. If that is the case, an administrator will have to perform this. For more helpful tips like this, visit our Ricoh and Lanier Knowledge Base.