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Bob Trudell, Service Director

Office Equipment Disinfecting

The copy machine is one of the few electronics in the office that multiple people touch daily.  With the current pandemic, it is important to properly clean your equipment.

Before cleaning your copier, printer, or scanner user panel or touchscreen, make sure the device is powered off and unplugged.

✔️Most anti-bacterial wipes are acceptable in cleaning your machine, including the touch screen. Lysol wipes have been used without showing any issues.

✖️Do not use wipes that contain bleach, ammonia, or cleaning solvents. These tend to cloud your touchscreen panel, causing possible replacement.

✖️Avoid spraying anything directly on your device or using powdered cleaner as this will damage your device.

✔️Make sure all surfaces are dry before plugging the device back in and powering it on.

Please reach out to your sales rep for additional questions.  To stay up to date with Applied Innovation’s protocol for COVID-19, please follow or our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.