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Mike Evola, Field Service Technician

How Come I Can’t Print from my Fiery?

If you are faced with a job that wont print because you cannot locate the Fiery icon on your operation panel, have no fear. This is a simple fix and does not require a technician to be present. If you are brave and want to try the fix yourself, there are a few easy steps to follow. This is called the reboot sequence.

Reboot Sequence

The steps must be followed in the exact order to successfully re-establish the lost connection.

Step 1: Turn the Fiery OFF
Step 2: Turn the Copier OFF
Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and turn the copier on
Step 4: Wait 30 MORE seconds and turn the Fiery back on

Why this issue occurs and how to prevent it

The disconnection most likely happened because the copier was restarted without turning off the Fiery first, causing the communication between the two to be lost. In addition, if the copier is restarted, the copier must be turned on BEFORE the Fiery is turned back on.

Moving forward, if you ever need to restart your copier, turn the Fiery off first. When restarting, turn the copier on first.