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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

5 reasons to look at print management

On average, the typical office employee prints about 1,000 pages per month which equates to an average of around $900.00 per employee per year.  If cost alone is not a driving factor, here are five reasons organizations might implement a print management program…
  • One contact for everything makes life easy (Service, Supplies, Etc).
  • Printer Fleet Right Sizing (The average organization has 2 printers per knowledge worker.  Is that really necessary?  I can’t answer that for you, but it seems like a lot doesn’t it?)
  • Reduce the amount of time IT spends on printer issues.
  • Go Green!  If we all had to walk a little further maybe we wouldn’t click print?  Statistics show that total print volume can go down about 10% when we need to go further to pick up a document.
  • Did I mention Cost?  Statistics show that organizations can save up to 30% on their output costs.  Just think of all the paper, service, supplies, energy consumption, and waste that could be saved.