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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

3 Proven Ways to Increase Document Security

As businesses move toward the digital workplace, security has been at the forefront of most conversations. When scanning and sharing files electronically, there are several layers of encryption in play. But what about safeguarding your paper documents?

While there is no shortage of digital threats, some of the most significant risks taken by a business happen at the printer. The copier is where sensitive documents sit unguarded in the output tray. Many companies deal with sensitive customer data, but some industries (Healthcare, Legal, and Finance) are at an even higher risk of compliancy. Keep reading to understand three proven ways you can increase document security.

3 Proven Ways to Increase Document Security

End to End Encryption

With a Print Management Solution, you can easily control user access by setting rules on who can print, when they can print, and how they can print. In addition, you can require that they release their print jobs using a username and password or with a proximity card.

“Find Me” Printing

Document security can be further enhanced with the Find Me print release function. “Find me printing solves the problem of finding the closest printer from a long list of available printers. It’s a roaming print service that allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location. It’s a great solution for large sites operating a common printer fleet.”

Audit Trails & Reporting

Keeping a comprehensive record of jobs will enhance your audit trail. Should you ever have a time where you need to recall information, your system should be able to identify the user who printed the document, the document name, the specific computer used, the device it was printed to and the date & time.   

Security and transparency go handinhand. The more information you can control on the front end and obtain from the back end of your Print Management system, you’ll be able to effectively increase your document security.

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