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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Your technology investment has an ROI today – What about tomorrow?

It’s clear that organizations, of any size, are searching for ways to extend their technology investments. The reasons why are many, and vary widely. Spanning from economic reasons where budgets remain tight and companies must do more with less, to those who want to gain new functionality and speed business processes or creates new efficiencies.
Executive levels across all verticals are looking for solutions that can grow with their company and equally important, quickly show ROI. Solutions that can’t provide the flexibility organizations need, will inevitably become obsolete. To get the right technology solution, there is some degree of investment – not just dollars, but both time and money. Organizations want to make decisions on technology that allow for growth and continued return on that technology investment. How do you make sure you’re using a software solution to its fullest in a smart and strategic way? That might mean using a solution across other areas of your business – what has been commonly referred to as “enterprise-wide.” Or it might be breaking out of your company walls and allowing end users to access their work from mobile devices and/or a Web-based environment. Making the most of your investment by using every aspect of technology can be the difference between “obsolescence”, a loss of a previous investment, and “sustainability”, an extension of your ROI.