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Ang Hoecker

7 Ways To Motivate Your Team with Healthy Living

Before you hit snooze tomorrow morning, you may want to reconsider your morning routine. Positive morning habits can fuel our bodies and minds with the energy necessary for creative and productive workdays. As a leader, you can lead by example and promote a healthy morning routine for your team. Here are seven recommendations for making your mornings the catalyst to healthy, productive workdays.

7 Strategies to Transform Your Mornings into Powerful, Productive Workdays

1. Wake Up Early

While everyone has their own individual rhythm, getting up early can be vital to starting the day on the right foot. Experts generally agree that seven to eight hours of quality sleep is necessary for the average adult, so the first step is to get to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. If getting to bed at a decent time is a challenge for you, set sleep notifications on your phone to remind you when to start gearing down in the evening.

2. Rehydrate

As we sleep, our bodies become dehydrated. Most of us grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but experts recommend rehydrating with a couple of glasses of water first. Staying hydrated is crucial; dehydration leads to fatigue and decreased cognitive function.

3. Meditate

For many of us, our minds start racing with thoughts of our long to-do lists first thing in the morning. Taking a moment of quiet mindfulness can help reduce stress and allow us to become aware of mental chatter. Several helpful apps, such as Headspace and Calm, may help you find inner stillness.

4. Write

Over three decades ago, Julia Cameron wrote about a technique she called Morning Pages in her book “The Artist’s Way.” The method aims to fill three pages of a notebook with stream-of-conscious writing about whatever crosses your mind that particular morning. The desired result of this practice is a clearer mind and readiness for the day. Popular entrepreneur Tim Ferriss is a big fan of Morning Pages and has written and spoken about its benefits.

5. Read

Starting your day with inspiring quotes or affirmations can set a positive tone and help you create focus on your team and the projects at hand. Research has shown that reading affirmations makes people more empathetic towards others.

6. Move

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body but can also improve cognitive function and boost your mood. A brisk walk, yoga poses, or easy stretching are great ways to start your day.

7. Eat Healthy

Your body needs fuel to function at its best, and morning is a great time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Whether your favorite is a hearty breakfast of eggs and toast or a nutrient-dense smoothie, breakfast will provide the energy your body and brain need as you start your workday.

As the adage states, actions speak louder than words. You can lead by example as you model a healthy morning routine for your team, who will quickly see the benefits as you go about your workday with energy, enthusiasm, and a clear mind. You may even want to make a team challenge to see how many can incorporate new healthy habits into their daily lives. Accountability goes a long way toward turning new routines into habits.

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