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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

What is Co-Managed IT Services and Why Does my IT Department Need It?

Whether you are a small to medium sized company, or a large corporation, IT is a necessary department to have. Your IT team could be partnered with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for services such as help desk support, business continuity, security, or even a Virtual Chief Information Officer. If you have a more complex infrastructure and require your own In-House IT team, you could have several staff members on your payroll from a CIO, IT Manager, IT Director, Network Technicians, and even your own system administrators.

If you are in the latter of the two examples, you may be thinking:” I have my own staff, so why would I possibly be interested in working with a Managed Service Provider?”

What is Co-Managed IT?

Managed Service Providers that offer this unique service called, “Co-Managed IT” know very well how important your IT department is to your organization and how much “extra work” is placed in their hands that prevents them from making strategic decisions. It is very different than Managed IT services. Co-Managed IT allows your IT department to assess their present day-to-day work environment and offload the tedious, time consuming tasks (or supplement their department) to the Managed Service Provider. Think of this MSP as an extension of your time, reporting to your CIO or Director of IT.

Don’t have a help desk? No problem. That can be customized into your service. Your team is swamped with hardware break/fix requests from employees? Co-Managed IT Services can help. Letting an MSP take on those reactive tasks allows your team to focus on more strategic initiatives, proactively, such as creating your Technology Roadmap, refining IT policies and governance, and developing cyber infrastructure plans.  This gives you flexibility to change with the times and keep up with technology as your organization continues to grow.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Lower Overhead

Contracting with a MSP to handle certain aspects of your IT infrastructure means you won’t be onboarding new staff members to handle those jobs. That reduces overhead for your organization (no benefits, no salary, no risk.)

More Time Back In Your Day

On the same token as above, because these individuals are already professionally trained, certified, have accreditations above and beyond what you may require, you won’t spend time (and money) having to train them. What a relief!

You’ll Get an Entire Team instead of One Individual

Often times, when you hire a specific person to do a job within your organization, that comes with great cost (as stated above, salary, benefits, training, etc) however, a co-managed IT services platform eliminates those challenges AND you get an entire team to work with (if that’s the route you choose) versus one individual.

Downtime is Eliminated or Reduced

When requests from employees come in and your team is knees-deep in a project, which one do accommodate? Any downtime can be detrimental to your organization. Utilizing a co-managed IT offering can help you split the workload, reducing downtime and increasing employee morale.

When you sit down and crunch the numbers, time saved always outweighs amount spent. If you can spend more time on strategic initiatives for your company, while receiving support from a third party, would that relieve stress within your organization and allow your team to grow and thrive at the pace that is expected of them? Co-Managed IT Services can be the best friend you always wanted but never thought of.  Until now.

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