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Elsbeth Hussey, Production Print Sales and Operations Support

See The Good, Be The Good

During these uncertain times, companies across the world have switched gears to help where they can. From manufacturing items that those on the front lines so desperately need, to helping as a second tier support business. HexArmor, who are known for their protective gloves used by law enforcement, are no exception. They are currently focusing their efforts on manufacturing Fluid Resistant Face Shields and Fluid Resistant Disposable Goggles to frontline workforces.  We have teamed up with HexArmor to assist in quickly printing the large amount of materials required to provide the much needed PPE to our community.

Our Efforts to Help


The Materials

Each face shield, package of goggles, and masks legally requires an identification label containing manufacturing details. In addition, each item requires a one-page instruction sheet showing how to use the equipment safely and correctly.

The Process

Our Production Print ProTeam was working overtime to make sure these prints were completed in the timeframe required. Team members rotated through different responsibilities as the job continued.  Some employees were stationed to maintain the large volume printers with paper and toner.  Because these printers are fast, large output copiers, employees were standing by constantly.  In order to meet the required deadline, these team members were ready to replenish the devices with toner and paper supplies to keep the job moving continuously. The people who weren’t manning the devices were cutting the sheets of identification labels using an industrial cutter.  These processes were a team effort to get everything printed, cut, packaged and delivered.  Thankfully the recurring orders aren’t as time sensitive and high stressed, but we are standing by still prepared to help serve those serving the community.

The Numbers

At our peak we printed 300,000 instruction sheets.  This goes to show how many pieces of PPE Hex Armor was providing in just one order. Our highest order for identification labels totaled 500,000 in one print job. To put these recurring jobs into perspective, a ream of paper contains 500 sheets.  There are 10 reams in each case. We have been filling up about 67 cases of paper for each order we receive. This is harder work than you would think, but nothing compared to those working on the front lines.  We know the hard work Hex Armor is putting in for the community because we physically see it.  We are grateful to partner with a business working so hard to care for the frontline workers who are caring for those who are sick.  To those people we are nothing but grateful.