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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Lean Office 101: Confirming the process

Process Verification. We have the right people in the room. Now let’s make sure that we have the processed mapped correctly. Our goal is to limit the number of times it gets remapped to three.
So that meant we wanted to make sure to ask the tough questions today. Do we really have this correct? As Randy, our document management expert put it, “People don’t know what they do. They do their jobs and it’s easy to miss a step.” We find it can be tough to jump from doing something unconsciously to thinking about each step. Fortunately for us (and you) we have a guy like Randy to help us out. When looking at electronic document management and trying to go more paperless it is important to think about this: Nothing just happens. As it turns out we found a step that is directly impacting five hours in soft costs per week. That doesn’t even take into account the C-Level time going into overseeing the step.