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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Identify and hire the ideal candidates before your competitors do

Let’s consider the “new” typical hiring scenario. A manager wants to create a new position. They fill out an Electronic Form in a document management system to outline job and candidate requirements, expected salary and justification of the position. That form is automatically routed using workflow through an approval process and perhaps even digitally signed by upper management. Approval of the new position is then communicated to the HR department to recruit the appropriate candidate.
  • A document management system can handle any process for capturing new applications, whether its online resume posting forms, paper-based documents, e-mail attachments, faxed items or a combination.
  • All incoming resumes and applications are assigned to a workflow which multiple people can review, add notes and approve or deny an application, whether those individuals are sitting at desktops in the main office or traveling abroad.
  • An electronic checklist can be used to validate that all references and other required supporting documents are present.
  • Applications with missing or incomplete information can be routed to special queues awaiting completion before being added to the approval process. Based on these decisions, interviews, offers or denial letters can be automatically generated.
  • Your new business process could use a document management system to automatically generate a welcome package for new employees, update the payroll and benefits application and notify facilities management to arrange for office space, e-mail account and I.D. badge.
  • Document management software speeds the approval process by making essential documents instantly available with the guarantee that all supporting documents are present.
In the end, you can create a competitive edge for your organization. Our software can help you improve the time from job creation to new employee start, ensuring that the best candidates receive timely offers and all stakeholders are properly informed. If you struggle with this or a similar business process, let us help.