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Jeff Slack, ECM Sales

Virtual Filing for Real Estate & Property Management

Real Estate and Property Management organizations are tasked with collecting and managing a variety of information.  This information ranges from applications, background and credit checks, leasing documents and photos.  In addition, these files must be readily available and accessible in a timely manner.  Many organizations are challenged with managing and storing paper documents.  As a result, file accessibility is limited and the decision process is slowed.  Valuable time is then spent having to physically search for these documents. An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can act as a virtual filing system.  This software solution will allow you to quickly access and securely store documents and important files.

Benefits of Virtual Filing For Real Estate & Property Management

Documents previously printed on paper can be created electronically with an ECM software solution. The files are then routed instantly in an electronic system for review and action.  An electronic system can monitor a collection of documents to ensure all required files are present.  These systems will also identify missing documents required to make decisions or complete files.  Documents requiring signature can be delivered for secure electronic signature and returned for review without the physical exchange of paperwork.  Any files that must start as a paper document can be collected by fax, scan or a mobile capture.  These electronic documents are then able to be stored and accessed on the document management software. In addition, customer copy requests for documents can be fulfilled quickly and easily by being sent directly through an ECM software program.

ECM For Any Property

Modern ECM solutions offer a great degree of extensibility, leveraging the investment in the solution.  For example, customers can submit repair requests or incident reports electronically.  In addition, maintenance crews can create and track service/repair orders electronically. They can also attach photos associated with repair orders.  Another advantage of an ECM system is management and maintenance teams can see at a glance the jobs to be completed from any desktop or mobile device.  These solutions allow visibility to customers/residents, maintenance team members, and management.

There has never been a better time for Real Estate and Property Management organizations to take advantage of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to manage their information, streamline their business processes, while increasing and improving employee and customer satisfaction.  To request more information on how ECM can help your business or what the process is for implementation, complete the below information and we’ll have a team member contact you.


How can Document Management help your business?

Ask our experts a question or request more information about how a Document Management Solution can help your business be more efficient.  Complete the below information and we’ll have a team member contact you shortly!