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Brittany Denton, Applied Resources

Don’t Lose Sight of your Goals!

If you have been following along during our Nutrition Challenge over the last few weeks, you can see each week, the daily tasks slowly become more and more challenging. One small habit at a time keeps you moving toward your goals, building into larger habits that help permanently change your behavior. Focusing on small steps, help you do it right and improves your overall health. There are a couple of reasons why small changes can work better than large, impractical goals. Although large goals are great to strive for, you can lose focus, lose track, or feel flat out defeated over a small slip up. Let’s talk about why starting small works.
  1. Winning ways- Small habit changes build success quickly. Each time you follow through on a simple habit, you build confidence and control.
  2. Keeping it simple- One small habit change begins to become routine and moves you steadily toward the big change.
  3. Link the habit to something that motivates you– It sounds so much better to say, “I’m drinking water today” verses, “I’m giving up soda today”, and that simple change makes a big difference in your perception.
  4. Making it a routine- Each day, we are checking off a task. First thing when you enter the office,  you check your calendar and tackle the challenge each day.
  Always keep in mind that nutrition is fluid. One less than nutritious meal doesn’t mean the day is lost or you should lose sight of your goals.  With only a couple weeks to go, it’s nearly time for a pat on the back  to celebrate your success in completing this challenge with us.