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9 best apps for remote workers

Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

9 Best Apps for Productivity and Motivation

Social distancing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak has called for come creative ways to ensure businesses and employees stay productive.  We’ve put together a quick list on some cool apps we’ve used for a while and some we recently started utilizing to stay collaborative, productive, and motivated!

9 Best Apps for Productivity and Motivation


Working from home and keeping tasks organized can be a challenge in its own. Our team started using to keep us organized, keep projects moving and on track for completion, and is very collaborative. You do have to subscribe to’s service, however, it’s well worth the small spend. Projects and tasks are color coded and you can assign team members, categorize, and assign due dates. You get real time updates and gain insights on workload. Once you have a subscription, they offer the free app that keeps you connected at all times. It has made working from home a breeze.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great application that allows you to collaborate with your work team, whether you are across the street, across the state, or across the globe. Teams, available on Google Play, Android, IOS, and even a web app, allows you to chat, virtually meet, and call in one area. This is especially helpful when you work from home, and the great news is: Microsoft has made it free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ordinarily, Teams is part of Office 365. If your company does not already have Microsoft 365, you can get started from Microsoft’s website and download the app for a truly mobile experience.

Microsoft OneDrive

This software is nothing new, as it was launched in 2007, but continues to update with improvements. When working from home, being able to do more with less is key. With the OneDrive App, you can share documents, photos, and files from your smart device and computer on the go. When collaborating with your team, you will be notified if your file is edited, can highlight and annotate documents, sign documents, and quickly open files in other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. You can sign up for the free version which gives you 5GB of storage only or if you’re a business, you can sign up for Microsoft 365 from an Authorized Provider, you can experience OneDrive with fully installed versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


Ricoh Smart Device Connector & Canon Smart Apps

Even if you are working from home, you’ll still have the need to connect to your Multifunction Printer (MFP) at the office. With the Ricoh & Canon Smart apps, you can easily print to your device from your iPad, Android, or iPhone and swing in to pick up your files. You can even control and project to your company’s Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard and Ricoh Projectors and use both apps to scan. So many uses!


When you work from home, it has a ton of advantages. But what about your paper information in filing cabinets? With OnBase Software from an Authorized OnBase Partner, you can quickly and easily access your company’s documents, create and distribute E-forms, and complete business tasks and approvals – all while being away from your office. This app is available for IOS, Android, and Google Play.


Workpulse WOW

This is a great app for boosting morale because it allows managers to send kudos to their team. Feeling appreciated for hard work is sure to set a good vibe – in or out of the office. Recognition is free and easy to do, and the productivity gains are priceless. You can use this app to keep your employees engaged, recognize and give feedback, give “WOW’s” out, and reward them with gifts based on points they earn.

Johnson & Johnson Workout

7 Minute Workout App by Johnson & Johnson is a great app that reminds us that, even during the busy work from home day, its important to get up and move to promote a healthy lifestyle. With 12 different 30 second exercises, it’ll get your heart rate going and your energy flowing. Exercise is known to increase happiness and productivity. Take breaks in your day and eliminate the sedentary stigma of working from home.


Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a FREE app on IOS & Android, but you can also view it from their website. Part of keeping a clear and productive mind is practicing mindfulness and Smiling Mind has programs in categories like “Workplace” and “Mindful Foundations.” You can choose anywhere from 5-15 minutes up to 45 minutes. There is also a special section for educators, children, and teens.


It’s easy to get locked into the hysteria of the COVID-19 news. Mental health is extremely important during this time and positivity is critical. The Motivation app for IOS is SIMPLE but thoughtful.  Every day, you’ll receive a motivational quote to push you through the day. Mental growth is the key to productivity and starting your morning with a motivational quote can help uplift you, your coworkers, and your family. There are thousands of organized quotes and you can specify certain areas: Work Harder, Life Lessons, Self Confidence, Business & Success, Thankful, and more.