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Photo of businessman with open hands and digital paperless icons

Andrew Reed, ECM Sales Manager

Your Roadmap to Becoming a “Paperless” Office

Whether you know it or not, you probably use buzzwords more than you think – especially with work related items.  Here are some commonly used Business-Buzzwords:  

  • Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Deep Dive 
  • Ballpark 
  • Pain Points 
  • Quick Win
  • Move the Needle
  • Bandwidth  

In our opinion, there is one buzzword that is overused and oversimplified – “Paperless” – especially in 2020 with so many of us working from home (WFH), and not having access to physical copies of the documents that we need.   

pa·​per·​less | \ ˈpā-pər-ləs  \ 

Definition of Paperlessrecording or relaying information by electronic media rather than on paper. 

The idea of having a Paperless office is intriguing.  It gives you feelings of efficiency, organization, and structure.  It sounds so simple, like a math equation. 

Remove paper  +  implement software  =  paperless office 

SPOILER ALERT!!!  It’s not.  

If it were that simple, then this equation would also be true: 

ME *Gets up from couch* (not the most athletic person) + Purchases: Road bike, helmet, running shoes, swim cap & goggles = Triathlete

The point is, to achieve paperlessness, (🧐 Did I just invent a word?) you need to put in a little bit of work.  First, understand every step in your current (paper heavy) processes – map it out or write it down.  Once you have this 40,000 foot view, you can begin to move, remove, and improve pieces to the puzzle in your overall process in accordance with what your software tools are capable of.   

Here is a sneak peek at our Paperless Roadmap – A documents journey from start to finish:

  1. Capture
  2. Manage
  3. Access
  4. Integrate
  5. Measure
  6. Legacy Records

We’ve started an online workshop series covering our paperless roadmap. Join us at our upcoming events or check out recordings of topics we’ve already covered here.