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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Enterprise content management: What is it?

ECM is the umbrella term for a range of technologies to store and maintain corporate knowledge, including document management and imaging, workflow, enterprise report management, e-mail management and more. A properly executed ECM solution helps control the cost of doing business by reducing cycle times, lowering cost-per-unit, improving customer service and accomplishing more work with the same number of employees.
  • ECM saves time by allowing you to centralize and control information from virtually any source using a software application that can be installed on a premises-based network or hosted from a secure data center.
  • This repository can encompass all incoming documents such as e-mail, faxes and scanned items as well as internally generated reports and documents from desktop applications
  • ECM solutions offer additional advantages. Everything from initial purchase orders and invoices to the check report on which the payment appears can be retrieved. A built-in, cross-referencing feature allows users with proper security to move from one related document to another via a mouse click.
  • Whether your enterprise is Fortune 500 or on its way, ECM technology is a secure centralized repository that provides the basis for automated workflow. The information moves to where it’s needed automatically. Simple point-and-click integration tools increase effectiveness and decrease costs in virtually any business and department. With a single standard system, compatibility is never an issue.
  • The Bottom-line: ECM can be deployed quickly. It is easy to use and will deliver quick returns by improving efficiency, customer service and provide a platform for affordable enhancements that compound your return on investment.
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