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Mari Martin, ECM Backfile & Scanner Specialist

Does A Document Management Software Solution Really Save You Money?

This past year organizations have faced new challenges in the way they conduct business and how information is shared within and outside the organization.  There were valuable lessons learned as people started working remotely. One critical problem was that paper based processes did not work in this new remote environment.  Organizations depending on paper records immediately hit a roadblock.

As organizations scrambled towards digital transformation, one question kept resurfacing:

“Will moving to a document management software really save us time and money?”

And the answer they discovered was…YES….it will!

Benefits & Savings from Using a Document Management Software


Automating Office Tasks Improves Accessibility, Process Efficiency, and Produces Higher Productivity

Moving paper in an organization is notoriously slow. Due to manual processes, staff wastes time capturing, storing, and routing documents throughout the office. Organizations with a document management solution streamline document distribution with automated workflow routing. Employees are notified with an email or task list that informs them that information is ready for their review and response.  This instantly improves efficiency and accountability. In addition, with automation, digital information is automatically indexed before storage in the database. This results in a reduction in labor, clerical mistakes, and reduces documents getting lost. Moreover, information can be shared with others instantly with the click of a button.

Improved Communication Throughout the Organization

A good software solution can be accessed remotely or in the office. Team members can work from virtually anywhere using web browsers, smartphones, tablets and more.  This is critical if you have multiple offices or employees that need access to documents remotely.

Reduce Operational Costs

Gartner Estimates that companies spend between 1 to 3% of their revenue on office printing. This does not account for the cost of filing, shipping, storing documents, and the cost of the actual paper.  A software solution eliminates the labor of filing, duplicate copies, and time spent retrieving paper-based information. Additionally, there are indirect costs. Paper based processes eat up incredible amounts of time.  They remove staff from more productive and high-value tasks.  The time your staff spends on these unproductive tasks could be costing your organization thousands of dollars. In addition, a document management solution eliminates the cost of off-site storage and the costs associated with retrieval of that information.

Improve Security

Software solutions provide control over what happens to your data and information. This includes who has access to it, what they can do with that information, and so much more.

Reduce Office Space

There is no longer a need to purchase filing cabinets or use valuable floor space to store hard copy records. Everything can be accessed digitally.

Disaster Recovery

Allowing a software solution to secure your data is easy and inexpensive. Recovering that data is even easier, with no impact on business continuity.

If you are thinking, “I wonder if this could make us more efficient and help us save money?”  Let our paperless ECM team know. Send us a message and our team of experts will help. No strings attached.