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Human Resources Team

Bob Martin, Sales Executive

7 Ways HR Automation Can Benefit Your Business

In an effort for HR to concentrate their time on successful onboarding, strategic company initiatives, employee satisfaction and retention, HR automation digitizes and streamlines the many documents and forms involved in the process.

Ensuring that forms are completed and properly filed is a time-consuming and potentially mistake-prone process. HR automation can ensure the proper security and privacy controls are in place while keeping sensitive information safe and adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.

HR Services That Can Be Automated


Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most manual HR processes.  From job postings and collecting resumes to interviewing and giving network access to new employees.  Automating all these functions can speed up the onboarding process while decreasing the costs.


Termination files must be collected and processed. Company equipment needs to be accounted for, returned, and audited.  Steps must be taken to remove the terminated employee from the payroll and benefits.  Using automation to process every single one of these tasks is faster, more reliable, and consistent to make the offboarding process more manageable and help to prevent any potential legal issues from taking place.

Leave Requests

Whether it be for medical purposes, vacation time, educational, or anything else, processing every leave request is tedious and time-consuming.  HR staff must check the time off balance, get a manager approval, and record the leave for payroll calculation.  Automation can provide approvals instantly while updating the employee’s records immediately. HR can monitor and approve all leave requests expediently and more efficiently leave everyone happier with the convenience of the process.

Employee Benefits

Life changing events and open enrolment can cause a constant state of flux for employee benefits.  Tracking employee benefits manually can be extremely difficult and the following can be automated with software:  Eligibility, education and training, modifications for life-changing events, open enrollment, and benefit onboarding.

Employee Timesheets

Tracking timesheets manually is inefficient and prone to errors.  Without automation, payroll can become a major headache.

Performance Reviews

Managing staff performance can be a process that tie up managers and HR staff, but an automated process allows for more effective tracking and data gathering with a lot of time saved.  Appraisals and reviews can be a very useful tool for tracking KPI’s and performance across the organization.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

An ECM platform can be leveraged to address most HR automation solutions along with the ability to expand its usage beyond just the HR Department. 

The Benefits of HR Automation

Through automation, organizations can create, deploy, and streamline their HR services at a considerably lower cost and once implemented can create indispensable benefits.  Here are 7 key benefits of HR automation:

  1. Freeing up HR staff to focus on organizational development, training, and staff retention.
  2. Increased Data Security – protection against natural disasters and computer failures as information is stored in the cloud.
  3. Reduces storage and printing costs associated with paper-based processing.
  4. Improved productivity with faster processing and data sharing.
  5. Helps to avoid compliance risk or policy violations.
  6. Allows for instant availability of useful data about payroll, attendance, vacation, etc.
  7. Consistency across all departments in HR workflow will improve.

Consider automating your HR processes.  As organizations continue to become more efficient, there is no reason to move slowly using manual processes. Our paperless team is ready to answer any questions you have. Complete the consultation form below and a team member will reach out – no strings attached.