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Ang Hoecker

The Top 4 Benefits of Using Capture as a Service

Businesses are generating more data than ever from documents such as contracts, receipts, and many other sources. Capture as a Service (CaaS) scans incoming documents, identifies and accurately classifies the data, and sends extracted data to the appropriate application for future use. And while it beats out manual data entry on many fronts, here are the top four benefits to using CaaS for your business.

Top 4 Benefits of Capture as a Service

1. Increased Productivity

Manually extracting data from documents is a time-intensive and laborious task. CaaS works behind the scenes, collecting data from documents sent to designated email addresses or stored in specific folder locations. As each document arrives, CaaS scans it, determines the data type, collects the information, and turns it into valuable data. That data can then be sent or stored in various business systems, ready to be processed by your team.

2. Enhanced Security

With CaaS, gone are the days of sensitive paper documents lying out in the open where they can easily be misplaced, mishandled, or picked up by someone who should not have access to confidential information. CaaS is a secure system that protects your data, classifies it, and stores it for future retrieval.

3. Improved Accuracy

Data is 99% accurate because it eliminates data entry errors that occur through manual entry. In addition, it keeps data safe and easily accessible, unlike paper files that can get lost through handling and storage. As CaaS securely scans files for data, it flags any questionable data as an exception. Then, a technician can quickly and accurately analyze the data and verify its validity.

4. Cost Savings

The annual cost of CaaS is a fraction of the price of hiring a person to do manual data entry. While the cost per document will vary depending on the amount of data extracted, collecting data will be faster and more reliable than manual entry. Additionally, using CaaS will help your team members be more efficient by freeing them up to do higher-value tasks.

Capture as a Service is a reliable and efficient tool that will streamline data collection processes for your business and impact all departments. Team productivity will improve as members spend less time on manual data entry. You’ll gain peace of mind as you rest assured that your data is safe with an average accuracy rate of 99%. And cost savings will be a bonus.

Ready to see what Capture as a Service can do for your company? Whether your business processes 500 or 500,000 documents annually, CaaS will help you achieve your business goals. Contact one of Applied Innovation’s experts in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, or Tampa, Florida, to learn more about CaaS or any other valuable services Applied offers.

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