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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

What is the Backfile Scanning Process?

Feeling like you’re swimming upstream with the amount of paper documents in your office? Drowning is not an option when Backfile Scanning, also known as Backfile Conversion, is part of your office playbook.  Paper records can take up large amounts of space, are time consuming to search through, and can result in total loss if there is a natural disaster.

“86% of employees say they usually experience difficulty searching for office files when they need to and spend 18 minutes on average searching for a particular document,” according to a study by Finances Online. It may seem like a lofty statistic, but the reality is, most businesses are experiencing similar productivity loss. Recognizing the benefits of Backfile Scanning are easier than you may think.

The Backfile Scanning Process

1. Assess

An Applied Innovation WISE associate will begin the process by analyzing your existing document types and how you would like to be able to digitally retrieve them.

2. Assemble

Pack up the documents you wish to have converted to digital and we will bring our secure trucks in to collect the files and transport them to our conversion facility.

3. Convert

Our expertly trained technicians will remove any staples or paper clips from your documents and will scan and index them into searchable PDF’s. Rest assured, there is Quality Assurance measure every step of the way.

4. Deliver

We will return your files in a digital format that you can import into your Electronic Content Management System.

5. Destruct and Plan Go-Forward

Applied Innovation can then return the hard copy documents to you to destroy or we can provide a document destruction service for you with our ShredHub division. In addition, we will also create a process for scanning documents in on a go-forward basis.

Moving towards a paperless workforce is within reach. With a few easy steps in the backfile scanning process, you can save time, money, space, and headaches.