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Ang Hoecker

How Document Workflow Solutions Make a Big Impact in K-12 Schools

With the arrival of new digital automation technologies, k-12 school systems have an excellent opportunity to simplify and streamline processes to save valuable time. Using a document workflow solution enables school systems to reduce their paper documents, simplify administrative processes, and enhance the efficiency of their workforce.

Read on to learn how document management and automation solutions benefit those at all levels, from central office to principals and classroom teachers to families.

Streamlined Efficiency

School systems have traditionally relied heavily on paper-based processes. All levels of the system — from student enrollment and parent communication to teacher evaluations to payroll forms and invoices — have existed on paper and require a great deal of time to collect, process, and store. Additionally, the process of adding these documents to a student information system (SIS) or a human resource information system (HRIS) is prone to human errors or the mishandling of documents.

With a document workflow solution, districts save valuable administrative time in data input and retrieval. Rather than receiving thousands of paper-based enrollment documents at the start of a school year, school districts receive enrollment data directly to a SIS from a web-based application. As an added benefit, a browser-based data system for iOS and Android gives district users safe and secure access to data wherever and whenever they need it.


Every department within a school system’s central office can save time with a document workflow solution. For instance, the finance department can scan new invoices as they are received, while OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software extracts valuable information such as vendor details, costs, and account numbers. This data is then validated, coded, and routed through an automated approval workflow to ensure the information extracted is accurate.

Contracts with vendors are captured and sent through an automated workflow to be sent digitally to the appropriate offices for approval and payment. Advanced features also enable the addition of comments, suggestions, and revisions as the contract progresses through the approval process.

The human resources department gains efficiency when job applications, faculty or staff contracts, benefits paperwork, or performance reviews are captured and digitized for secure storage and easy retrieval in the future. The document workflow solution connects with existing human resource information systems to create a mobile-friendly, browser-based solution for HR and building administration to access while on the go.

Additionally, e-forms save valuable time by automating the collection of time-off requests, timesheets, incident reports, and more.

Principals and Teachers

At the building level, a document workflow solution enables principals and teachers to save time on paperwork and direct that time to interacting with students. By digitizing student records, teachers and principals have secure access to student data that abides by FERPA guidelines and allows for a searchable digital archive. Furthermore, digital access to student data facilitates better collaboration between teachers, psychologists, and other specialists, especially for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

In the classroom, digitizing lesson plans and assignments allows for controlled access by administrators or students. Communication with families can be scheduled, and simple reminders can be sent, allowing for better student support and increased student success.


With a document workflow solution, home-to-school communication, such as field trip permission slips or parent-teacher sign-ups, can be sent as e-forms, allowing families to complete information from mobile devices without worrying about misplaced paperwork in student backpacks. In addition to being able to complete classroom-related paperwork on the go, families benefit from having access to student enrollment forms online. Families at private schools also have access to financial aid and admissions-related information through a secure portal.

Adding a document workflow solution to a k-12 school system simplifies and streamlines the processes for all stakeholders — from families to teachers to administration. A custom document workflow solution can integrate seamlessly with your school’s existing information systems, saving time and resources.

Ready to see how a document workflow solution can save your school system valuable time? Whether your school system is public or private, large or small, a customized Document Workflow Solution will help your organization streamline its administrative processes. Contact an Applied Innovation automation specialist in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, or Tampa, Florida, to learn about a solution that fits your unique school system.