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photo of file room and desk covered in piles of paperwork with laptop on desk

Mari Martin, ECM Backfile & Scanner Specialist

Backfile Service FAQ Answered

Is your office overflowing with documents, file folders, and boxes of paperwork? Our backfile services can help. Here are the most common questions we receive regarding our Backfile Services.

Backfile Service FAQ

First, what is backfile scanning or backfile conversion?

The process of indexing and digitizing vast amounts of documents are what we call backfile scanning or backfile conversion.  This process of scanning enables you to store documents in a digital archive which you can refer to later.

Does it matter how large my backfile project is?

Quantity does not matter!  We are here to help you with just a few boxes or a few file cabinet drawers.  We also can tackle your rooms full of information.

What type of things can you convert to digital?

All types and sizes of paper including blueprints and plans, books, video/audio files and microfilm/fiche and so much more.

Do you offer this service off site or in our office?

We can provide this service at your location for an additional cost.  However, we normally box everything up and move it to our secure facility for processing.

What if I need something while you have my information?

Simply let us know what you need and where it might be found within your files.  We will search for it, scan it and then upload it to a secure FTP site.  We’ll then send you a secure login and password to download the information.  Our response time is 24 hour or less.

Will we need to provide the boxes and box everything up?

No, we’ll provide the boxes and the staff to box it up for you.  All at no charge!

Do you charge for pickup and delivery?

No, pickup and delivery are provided at no charge!

How much does it cost?
  • Our proposals are based on the number of hours it takes for document preparation, such as pulling staples and paperclips.
  • Also, what types of information we are converting to digital. For example, are they single or double-sided pages?
  • What are the quantities you would like digitized? Such as, number of boxes, cabinets, cubbies, etc.
  • Indexing – or how do you want the images identified to find the information again afterwards? Such as, last name, first name and date of birth for human resource records.
  • Would you like information text searchable (OCR)?

Our experts are very good at providing an accurate estimate of what your project will cost.  However, we only invoice you for exactly what we scan or digitize.

What if I don’t know all the answers to the questions above? 

We have experts that can work with you to secure the answers.  We make it simple!

Will I need to know exactly how many documents or files are in each box or drawer? 

No, our experts will work with you on this as well.  For cabinets – all we will need to know is the number you have and are they lateral or upright?  How many drawers in each cabinet?  And storage boxes, are they small (about 2500 pages) or large (about 4500 pages?

How long does a project take?

That would depend on how much information you need to have digitized.  We can give you an estimate at the time we provide a proposal.  If you have space issues and need the backfile information to be removed right away, we can do that for you as well.  The information would be stored at our secure facility until its processed.

What file format are the images in when they come back and how do I get them from you?

Information is normally scanned as PDFs.  However, we can provide whatever file format you may need to work with in an existing software solution.  We also, provide all digitized information, along with the indexing on a USB media stick for you to upload to your storage destination of choice.

When I get my USB media stick back, how long do I have to review the information to make sure everything is ok?

Once we complete scanning and return the USB media stick, you have 60 days to review the information and let us know if there is something that may need to be corrected.

What if I don’t have a software solution to store this information?  Do I need one?

No, the information can be stored on a secure server or in the cloud without having a specific software solution.

Applied Innovation does offer several electronic content management software solutions for storage and retrieval of this information.  These solutions have some incredible features and functionality to improve efficiency, such as workflow, digital forms and so much more.  Let us show you what a solution can do for you.  Plus, it’s a great way to stop this accumulation of information from starting all over again.

Ok, you digitally converted everything for us.  What happens to that paper and other information you took from us?  Do we get it back?

If you’d like the information back, we’ll return it to you at no charge.  If you don’t want it back, we provide document destruction at no charge as part of our service.  We use a secure, certified document destruction company.

One final thought…

Think about it…all that information has been accumulating in your office for years and its become a monster that keeps growing.  Isn’t it time to clean it all up, put some procedures in place and hit the ground running with a backfile conversion? Take our paperless quiz to find out if your business could benefit from Backfile.