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Jennifer McKenna, NetSmart Plus Specialist

Windows 7 End of Life: What You Need To Know

Is your company prepared for Microsoft Windows 7 end of life?

January 14, 2020, Microsoft has announced the end of life of Windows 7 operating system. What does end of life mean? Come January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, bug fixes, patches and will discontinue all support. The ripple effects of Microsoft discontinuing support is that software vendors will discontinue support of Windows 7 on their applications as well.

Since January 13, 2015, Microsoft has not been providing mainstream support to Windows 7. They have only been providing critical security updates. The risk of not upgrading to a newer operating system puts every system running on Windows 7 vulnerable to hackers, security breaches, and data loss. Once the system support ends, you will become responsible for issues, therefore, using it at your own risk.

Preparing Your Company for Windows 7 End of Life

Below are steps you can take to prepare for Windows 7 end of life:

  • Identify all devices operating systems.
    Take inventory of all your computer operating systems in your office space. For every device that has Windows 7 operating system, determine if it should be upgraded, replaced or removed.
  • Create a Timeline.
    Millions of devices need to be upgraded or replaced before January 2020. To ensure you receive the operating system, create a timeline, budget and purchase strategy.
  • Start the process sooner rather than later.
    Consult with industry experts to make sure you order in time for the upgrade to be put in place. Windows 10 operating system requires specific requirements to be put in place. This includes, but is not limited to, specific processor speeds, memory and licenses.

By upgrading to your operating system, your company will benefit. Not only will they be more secure, they will be receiving the latest features for producing documents. These systems are easier to use and give the end user a better overall experience.

Want more Information?

With the end of life of Windows 7 coming up, shortly there are a lot of factors to consider. Click here for additional information from Microsoft. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, NetSmart Plus has industry experts that can meet and consult on the best option moving forward.

If you’d like to speak to someone in our NetSmart Plus Sales Department – please fill out the form below.