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Cody Kremers, Electronic Content Account Manager

Keeping Your Software Updated

Keeping your software up to date is important for several reasons. When you get notified of the latest version of a product, you should feel confident knowing that you have invested in a platform that is continually updated and enhanced.  With constant enhancements and fixes being applied to software, its reassuring to know that your software provider is equipping you to stay secure, that you benefit from modernization, and are getting access to the latest functionalities.

Security can be the most important reason to apply the latest patches depending on what type of software you are using.  If that software contains any sensitive information, you bet you’ll want to stay up to date on the security patches to ensure you company and data is not vulnerable.  At Applied Innovation we love the software application, OnBase, for many reasons but knowing that Hyland has a dedicated team for evaluating the security of OnBase and is continually testing the platform against threats helps us to help our customers.  Every release cycle also includes testing to ensure optimal performance as well as patches and software changes to address both.

Most updates also ensure your software is staying compatible with the latest browsers, operating systems, and expanded integrations such as common line of business applications.  Equipping your organization with software that stays on top of the latest technology advancements ensure you will never be left behind industry advancements.

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