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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Comparison of the Best Cloud Based Sync and Share Programs for Businesses

Storing, syncing and sharing files in businesses is the new norm.  This is especially the case for those that work both in the office and remotely. Just when you think you’ve selected the best option, a new, more robust option stops us in our tracks. But that’s the beauty of technology – it’s always evolving. There’s always going to be many options that say they’re the best. So how do you choose? Deciding which platform is your winner can be tricky, but we’ve broken down a comparison of the best cloud based sync and share platforms for business to help you decide.

Top 3 Cloud Based Sync and Share Platform Pros and Cons





Back it Up – Automatically
One thing DropBox really has going for it is – The second you hit save on a document, it’s backed up. The best part about this is, you aren’t committing extra space on your hard drive because – poof! It’s in the cloud. DropBox is very simple to use, from saving to retrieving. The benefit to that is, you need very little IT involvement with this product. Trust me, they will thank you.

Plays Well with Others
If you’re a business that’s embracing technology, the cloud, and document management, you’ll want a sync & share platform that integrates easily into your existing programs. Drop Box has a long list of systems it plays well with, like Microsoft. Ooohhhh was that a name drop? Yes it was.


A Hacker’s Sandbox
Sorry, they prefer to go by the title: “Social Engineer” as if we are in the day and age to glam up a hacker’s professional title. I think it goes without saying, but, content security – especially now, is extremely important. DropBox has been known for being hacked. Often. Since this platform is usually managed by user (versus enterprise,) necessary precautions must be made by your employees using it to ensure passwords are strong and errors do not occur. One wrong step and your company data could be in the wrong hands. The great news is, DropBox is committed to making continuous security updates. End-to-End encryption is very important to provide the level of security needed for a business.

Break out Your Wallet
It’s a bit pricier than some of the other options on the list, per employee. However, the unlocked features are pretty great, like centralized team content and anytime collaboration from your mobile device, web browser, or computer.





So Much Control
Your organization can maintain maximum control on any information shared with ShareBase. So much so, that when users leave or change rolls, you can easily and quickly revoke or transfer rights, which will further reduce risk of access that is unauthorized.

User Empowerment
The easier it is, the more adoption you’ll get. Users can set their own permissions and when documents expire. They can also access their content and share from anywhere – even offline. Users can even edit files on the fly for versioning control (while maintaining original integrity in case the edits were incorrect)


The New Guy in Town
Sharebase is a newer product on the market, as opposed to OneDrive or DropBox. Newer isn’t necessarily a con, but it doesn’t have as many reviews as you would find about the more well-known brands.

Money Talks
Sharebase, by Hyland – the makers of OnBase Document Management Systems-  doesn’t have a “free” version for consumers. It’s mostly marketed to businesses as it is more robust in nature like the Pro versions of DropBox and OneDrive. Word on the street is they are offering a free 90 day trial of their platform.





There’s an App for That
The OneDrive for Business mobile app is extremely easy and user friendly. The best part is – the app is FREE. You can edit documents, share files, and even upload, right from your mobile device. It’s a great feature to have, especially if you aren’t in the office or around your computer.

The Missing Link
If you have a preference for one software brand (Microsoft,) it makes it incredibly easy to link all of your Microsoft documents together. You can move items seamlessly from your phone, to your computer, to your tablet – and beyond.


Stay Connected
If you download the app, you have limited offline access – however, that’s about the best you’ll get because if your web browser on your computer or phone isn’t connected, you won’t be able to retrieve documents. In this day and age, when are we NOT connected? You’d be surprised. Many people take “working remotely” to a whole new height…literally… on top of mountains or cliffs while on vacation or while camping. These digital times means you may need the ability to work anywhere. In these situations, it’s sometimes hard to get cell service, let alone internet access.

Size Matters
15GB is about the largest file size you can share in One Drive for Business. If you have anything larger, you will have to compress – which could result in loss of quality. If you have high resolution videos, it will be difficult to share inside and outside of the office setting.

Who Wins?

We’ve comprehensively tested each and every option listed above. All offerings are unique in their own ways and have competitive pricing, security, and features. Our best advice is, if you can find a free trial, test it out and see which one is best for your business environment.