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Brian Bakkila, NetSmart Plus Sales Operations Manager

7 Reasons Why NOT to Back Up With Microsoft 365

When planning a data recovery strategy for your organization, its key to understand where each piece of data resides. Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your organization, and the repercussions could be devastating if it’s not backed up or is lost in a disaster. If you’re utilizing Microsoft 365, backing up intellectual property onto another platform should be assessed and considered.

7 Reasons Why Not To Back Up With Microsoft 365


1. Your organization only uses the basic tools of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has an ever-expanding set of tools that have merit on their own. An argument can be made that just having access to the platform provides enough value without utilizing any of the provided cloud storage services.

2. You never have a need to go back to a document or email after you are done with it

Some people are always moving forward. Rearview mirrors are un-necessary distractions and referring to previous content is just a distraction from innovation. If you are one of these organizations, then archives of data are a waste of budget dollars.

3. You use a different tool to store your calendar and contact information in

There are many great tools that can be woven together to make a technology fabric that best suits a workstyle. Removing these two data points can add to the support of why Microsoft 365 data does not need a backup solution.

4. You do not use Microsoft Teams for any collaboration, therefore there is no record needing to be backed up

One of the biggest benefits of joining an existing team’s channel is the opportunity to review previous discussions. This allows a team member to engage more quickly in meaningful dialogue by not having to rehash previous topics. If you do not have any of this data in Microsoft Teams, there is no reason to back it up.

5. All your organizations team members are highly trained and trusted and would never accidentally or maliciously delete content that is important

Some organizations have highly dedicated and ethical team members and run like fine-tuned machines. These teams simply do not make mistakes or ever bear any ill will towards each other or the organization.

6. Your organization does not have any regulatory compliance requirements that require 3rd party data retention

If your organization and its data do not fall into any category that is regulated, then you wouldn’t have to back it up with Microsoft 365.

7. Your organization does not allocate budget to protect data

There are organizations out there that would rather allocate budget to potential recreation cost because of data loss than the guaranteed expense of data backup.

If your organization utilization of Microsoft 365 aligns with the above reasons, or others, you can skip backing up the platform. If it does not fit these criteria, you should strongly consider adopting a strategy to back up your Microsoft 365 tenant.

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