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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Department Spotlight: Customer Loyalty Center

The Customer Loyalty Center, also known as the “CLC”, is the nerve center of Applied Imaging. This department answers every incoming call for the company with the exception of NetSmart Plus who has their own help desk. The Customer Loyalty Center is led by Alanna Moore, who has an extensive background in leading Customer Service teams. See that big screen right below? The CLC uses it to track our technicians and drivers so we can give the most accurate ETA and assign the technicians that are closest to your office. That helps to ensure a great response time which will decrease your downtime. FUN FACT! The CLC answers on average 10,591 LIVE calls per month. Our Customer Loyalty Center Specialists are cross trained to be able to handle all service, supply, and invoicing needs. Because you are speaking with a live agent and not going through a phone tree -they are able to decrease your downtime. During a busy time, if you need to leave a voicemail, we guarantee you will receive a PERSONAL phone call back to acknowledge the voicemail was received and action was taken. In addition to the phone calls, the CLC also handles approximately 250 emails per day – both external and internal. Because service is our number ONE priority, we give the customer options on how they choose to contact us – by phone, email, or online! Our goal is to ensure every customer receives the white glove treatment, which is why our motto is FAST. FRIENDLY. AMAZING. Give us a call – We’d love to help you out! (800) 521-0983 or contact us here.