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Andrew Reed, Sales Manager - ECM

What Are the Best Document Management Systems?

If you’re reading this, you likely already know what Document Capture Software is.  If not, we suggest you read our first article on capture before continuing.  You’ll get an overview of what Capture Software can accomplish, why it’s useful, and an example that most businesses can relate to.

Making big-business-decisions can be overwhelming.  You are certainly not alone if you’ve ever thought, “What if I made the wrong choice,” or “Are the positives really outweighing the negatives?”

Those decisions could be:

  • Acquiring another business
  • An agreement with a new vendor
  • Pivoting from one product / service offering to another
  • Implementing a new strategy or team member

These decisions can be challenging because of the ripple effect that they have – especially on your employees.

Deciding what software to use is no easier than the examples given above.  In fact, some may argue that choosing a new software for your business is even more nerve-racking because of the CHANGE in how your people work.

PSIcapture (PSIgen)


A single capture platform including document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a document repository.


  • Affordable!
  • No Drastic Changes to Current Systems: Capture software is typically built-in to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System. The beauty of PSIcapture is that you can continue to work with the systems you’re familiar with, and simply add PSIcapture to the mix.
  • Flexible Migrations: Because PSIcapture is a stand-alone capture solution, it has no choice but to “play nice” with other software. It’s extremely flexible with its ability to migrate data to other systems.
  • Ingest Information from Multiple Sources: PSIcapture also has the ability to ingest records from a number of sources: Scanners, MFPs, Files, Websites, Email inboxes, etc. This is not unique to PSIcapture, nevertheless, it’s still a “pro”.


  • On-Premise Only: Most software today is offered on premise and in the cloud.  PSIcapture only offers an on- premise version.  The good news is, it does not require a robust IT infrastructure, and they also offer a subscription pricing model, which mimics that of a cloud offering.
  • Must Have a Document Repository: In order for PSIcapture to be effective, you must have some type of repository for your documents to land.  The good news is, all companies have something like this. The repository could be as simple as a desktop folder structure, or as complex as an ERP system. 

AutoStore (Kofax)


Kofax AutoStore is an integrated solution that securely enables automated and compliant document capture workflows from the widest range of hardware and software platforms.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to Implement: AutoStore utilizes your existing infrastructure (i.e. implementation does not require a “system overhaul”).
  • MFD Panel Customization: If you are used to scanning into a multifunction device (MFD), Autostore allows each user to have a unique interaction at the MFD panel.  This is accomplished by enabling authentication, which will allow users to interact with only the functions they need.
  • Efficient: Predefined business rules dictate how information is saved, stored, processed & routed.  If information is received electronically, workflows happen automatically.  If you’re scanning a hard copy, workflows are trigged by the push of a button.
  • Document Recognition: AutoStore has full & zonal text recognition, hand printed character recognition (ICR), Optical character recognition (OCR), forms recognition (structured / semi structured), and barcode recognition.  Barcodes can be readScanned images can be enhanced.
  • Document Manipulation: Autostore can convert text into editable electronic information.  It also offers image enhancement, MRC PDF compression, bates stamping, and encryption / decryption.


  • Lots of Options: Because of the vast capabilities of AutoStore, getting to the point of implementation could take a lot of time & effort upfront.  Depending on the offerings you plan to utilize, working with your vendor may require a lot of your time to assemble the right configuration.
  • Different environments = different configurations: While AutoStore can capture information from digital sources, it is most commonly used in conjunction with office equipment (MFDs).  If you have a decentralized business model (i.e. multiple locations) it’s possible that each location has a slightly different technology infrastructure, requiring a unique set up at each office. 

Brainware (Hyland)


Brainware Intelligent Capture forms a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.


  • Robust Artificial Intelligence (AI): Brainware is a learning-based system which means, the more the system is used, the smarter it gets (i.e. less and less manual intervention over time).  If you’re working in a finance environment, Brainware can also run calculations to ensure that the numbers add up.
  • No Templates, Anchors, Keywords or Zones Required: Many capture solutions require templates so that the system knows where to look for information.  Brainware is intelligent enough to analyze incoming documents that it is not familiar with (and “learns” to become familiar with them – as mentioned above).
  • Visibility: you’ll have access to real-time reporting, dashboards and other analytics to let you know the status of every document, and how the system is performing.  If you are used to scanning into a multifunction device (MFD), Autostore allows each user to have a unique interaction with by enabling only the functions they need.
  • Integrations / Cross Referencing: Brainware supports a plethora of ERP systems.  This will allow your system to validate information that is already in your system (i.e. PO & invoice numbers, line items, existing vendors, inventory, etc.).


  • Expensive: BUT, with the amount of automation built in, it can usually pay for itself.
  • Pre-configured Solutions: This is barely a con… Brainware has prebuilt solutions for accounts payable, transcripts, check remittance, HR documents, and lending.  We’ll assume these are pre-configured because they have seen the most success with these business processes.  The only con is that there would be a lot of configuration needed for a capture solution outside of the pre-built items mentioned above.  Most capture solutions are intended for specific business cases anyways, so I guess this could also be a “pro”.
  • Overkill: For those who are looking for a basic capture solution, Brainware may be overkill due to how robust it is.  But then again, if you need a robust solution, other software may be under-whelming.


All of these document management capture solutions are efficient, and each are reliant on what your business needs are. Determining which solution, (based on their capabilities,) is the most difficult step in your software-buying-journey.

Unless you are a software guru, it is recommended you engage a professional team to help you make this determination.