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Khaja Syed, Software Developer

Virtual Filing For Any Business

If your business hasn’t implemented some sort of interactive workflow for documents and processes, by now you may be wishing they would have. These types of document management software allows you to improve how employees find, share, and manage documents and data.  These processes, strategies and tools allow for workflow to continue without requiring hard copies of information.  Since our software and customer processes (which we implement electronically) is very customizable, timeline of implementation varies.  However, we can get you up and running with a simple solution in two weeks or less.

Here is what you can expect from project kick-off to project closure.

Project Kick-off

  • Introduce team members and exchange key contact information.
  • Conduct discovery meeting between Applied Innovation Implementation Team and Company to further define and document project requirements which will be produce a Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Discuss change order process to accommodate project changes or additions during the implementation process.
  • Deliver project Statement of Work to Company for review and signature.
  • Discuss and document a timeline for implementation to be agreed upon by Applied Innovation and Company.
  • Discuss and agree upon a communication cadence between Applied Innovation and Company to be maintained throughout the duration of the project implementation period.

We begin by meeting with you to discover the details of your current processes.customer for discovering the details of their process. Once we gather the business process and technical details, we design a Statement of Work. Below are the steps that follows:

✔️Signature of SOW

✔️Customer Requirements

✔️Technical Design Document

✔️Project Planning (Releases)

✔️Project Timeline

✔️Development Sprints

✔️Final Review

✔️User Acceptance Testing (“UAT”)



✔️Project Completion Document

Based on the project and development sprints, we meet with customer every 2 weeks and review the solution at the completion of each milestone (defined in the Project Timeline). This helps both of us continue on the same page.

Project Close

  • Any project related documentation will be turned over by Applied Innovation to Company.
  • Upon project completion, a period of xx business days will be allocated for user acceptance testing (UAT) to validate that the solution is functioning as designed.  Company will be responsible for testing the solution during this time period and working with Applied Innovation to address any outstanding issues.
  • Upon successful completion of UAT, a project closure document will be provided for review and signature.
  • On-going support will transition to the Applied Innovation support team as describe in the Post Implementation Solution Support section below.
  • Discuss and agree upon a quarterly communication cadence between Applied Innovation and Company to periodically review system performance, review any open issues or concerns, and review options to extend the solutions functionality with the organization.